Alpha Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource Pack (CD + Annual Licence) (2e) : 9781442534995

Alpha Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource Pack (CD + Annual Licence) (2e)

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Pearson New Zealand
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New Edition in preparation for Term 1 2018! Pearson's New Zealand representative, Edify Limited, will be publishing a new edition of Alpha Mathematics for 2018. Visit the Edify website to learn more.

Alpha Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource Pack (CD Annual Licence)

This pack contains 1 copy of The Alpha Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource CD and 1 printed Annual Licence.

A completely customisable way to teach Junior Secondary Mathematics.

The Interactive Teaching Resource CD contains two versions of the Alpha Mathematics textbook and workbook in eText format. The first is suitable for viewing in the classroom, using a data projector or interactive whiteboard.

The eText contains links to:

  • Exercise answers
  • Pages of the Alpha Mathematics Workbook
  • Excel spreadsheets referred to in the text (some produced especially for this resource)
  • Flash animations
  • Useful websites
  • CAS calculator instructions.

The second version of the Alpha Mathematics text/workbook combination is for teacher viewing, and has additional links to hundreds of author comments on the material covered, as well as worked solutions to harder questions and blackline masters where appropriate. 

All the PDF files in this Interactive Teaching Resource have been user-enabled, so a Maths Department can add its own notes, comments, and hyperlinks to other resources as required.

Time Limit

The Barton Interactive Teaching Resources are available for purchase as an annual subscription. The licence is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and will be automatically renewed each year unless cancelled.

How to purchase or find out more

  • Download the latest Order Form from the Barton Mathematics webpage
  • FREE Sample CD! This complimentary CD contains samples from The Alpha Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource. Contact your local Education Consultant to request a copy, for more information and/or to arrange a demonstration.
Table of contents


1 Numeracy - understanding and using whole numbers
2 Decimals
3 Integers
4 Multiples, factors and primes
5 Powers and roots
6 Brackets and order of operations
7 Fractions 1
8 Fractions 2
9 Percentages
10 Financial literacy


11 Introducing algebraic expressions
12 Formulas and spatial patterns
13 Working with algebraic expressions
14 Equations
15 Expanding brackets and factorising
16 Co-ordinates
17 Two-dimensional Graphs
18 Graphs using rules from algebra



19 Time, dates and seasons
20 Temperature, charts and scales
21 Length and scale drawings
22 Weight and capacity
23 Area and Perimeter
24 Volume


25 Angles
26 Reflection and Rotation
27 Symmetry
28 Translation and Enlargement
29 3D shapes


30 Interpreting statistical reports and displays
31 Working with data
32 The statistical enquiry cycle
33 Probability
Author biography
David Barton needs no introduction to a generation of New Zealand mathematics students and teachers. He has written a full six-book, award-winning series for secondary-school mathematics, and his material has also been published in Australia, South Africa, Fiji and Abu Dhabi. David Barton was educated at Wellington College and has taught at Wellington College and Rangitoto College in Auckland.
Target audience
For Year 9
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Find out more about Barton Mathematics.

Visit David Barton's website for additional links for each text, spreadsheets, statistics resources and more.

Sample Pages

The following files are provided to show of the layout of the IWB pages.  NB: these sample files are not 'user-enabled'.

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