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Nitty Gritty 0 - Come Down, Golden

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There, standing in his own backyard, was an animal that belonged in a zoo – or in a mountain forest in China. It was so strange that Louis didn’t think to be afraid.

Louis wants a dog. He dreams of training it to follow his commands. It would soon get used to the sudden jerks and twists that his wheelchair-bound body keeps making. It would be his friend. But Mum says no. That’s nothing to what she would say if she could see the golden monkey standing on the grass just a few metres away from him, in their own backyard. Louis knows it has escaped from a zoo. They are saying it’s too wild to tame, and it will be destroyed if it’s found. Is it possible that Louis can tame the beautiful animal? But how can he – all by himself and from his wheelchair?

Nitty Gritty Novels - Level 0
Reading Level 8-10 years

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Author biography

Diana Noonan has published over 100 titles for young people of all ages. Her publications include novels, picture books, short stories, plays and poems. She has also written and directed a short film. Her books have won numerous awards, including the 1994 Aim Children’s Book Award for Best Junior Fiction. She has also had four titles shortlisted for New Zealand children’s literature prizes, and one for the Australian Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature.

Other novels by Diana Noonan in the Nitty Gritty Series include Treetop Treasure (level 0), Flight From Ledron (level 2) and Win! Win! (level 3).

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