Marketing - Real People, Real Choices (NZ Adaptation) (2e) : 9781442552722

Marketing - Real People, Real Choices (NZ Adaptation) (2e)

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A celebration of the best of New Zealand marketing.

Marketing: real people, real choices introduces marketing from the perspective of real people making real choices. Each chapter introduces a real marketer in a real New Zealand organisation  faced with a range of real-life choices on how best to market their products. The reasons behind the marketing decisions they make becomes the platform to introduce students to the fundamentals of marketing in a real world. Throughout the text students are encouraged to think critically.

Marketing: real people, real choices is suitable for students studying introductory marketing courses.

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Table of contents
Chapter 1 Welcome to the world of marketing: creating and delivering value 
Chapter 2 Strategic planning and the marketing environment: the advantage is undeniable 
Chapter 3 Marketing information and research: analysing the business environment offline and online 
Chapter 4 Consumer and organisational behaviour: how and why people and organisations buy 
Chapter 5 Sharpening the focus: target marketing strategies and customer relationship management 
Chapter 6 Creating and managing products 
Chapter 7 Pricing the product 
Chapter 8 Integrated marketing communications 
Chapter 9 Distribution, logistics and retailing 
Chapter 10 Services marketing 
Chapter 11 Global marketing 
Chapter 12 Law, self-regulation and responsible marketing
New to this edition
In addition to 14 new Real People, 15 new cases (including two comprehensive cases), new examples, visuals and the NZ’s Marketers at Work boxed feature, the second edition contains 12 chapters to better align with most teaching periods. This text has a chapter entitled Integrated Marketing Communications that presents the promotion component from an integration and communications perspective - not an above (advertising) and below the line (everything else) perspective. Chapter 8 replaces the previous Chapters 8 and 9. Chapter 12 looks at applicable marketing law (Commerce Act, Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act), ethics, social responsibility and ends with a section on social marketing, examples of which are woven throughout the book.
Features & benefits
  • Each chapter opens with a Real People  Real Choices feature. These features introduce a real person who is faced with a range of options relating to how best to market their goods or services. Students are encouraged to choose one of the options provided and to develop their reasoning for this option.
  • The opening feature is revisited within the chapter with the Real People Other Voices box which provides an opportunity for lecturers and students to discuss which option they would choose and why. The chapter ends with the How it Worked Out box which discusses which option or options the marketer from the opening feature actually chose and what happened as a result of their choice. 
  • In chapters where it is most relevant, a Marketing Metrics box is included. These highlight how marketers measure their activity and the importance of this.
  • Numerous advertisements and marketing images assist in illustrating and providing examples relating to the chapter concepts.
  • Each chapter ends with a Chapter Summary where the key points are concisely explained and Key Terms are highlighted.
  • Each chapter contains a Chapter Review section containing a variety of question types where students can test their knowledge on key marketing concepts while providing an opportunity to practise what they have learned through application.
  • Each chapter contains a Real People: Real Surfers: Exploring the Web Exercise which provides some critical thinking questions in relation to site content that help to illustrate chapter objectives.
  • Each chapter contains a Marketing Plan Exercise where students are guided to develop elements of a marketing plan in relation to chapter content. Appendix A provides students with a template and instructions to help develop their marketing plans.
  • Marketing-In-Action Cases conclude each chapter and highlight marketing challenges faced by organisations. Students are encouraged to think critically about the case.
  • Two appendices designed to assist students with building marketing plans and handling marketing exams.
  • A chapter on Ethics and Regulations in marketing with a focus on New Zealand local law.
Author biography

New Zealand author

Jan Charbonneau is a lecturer in marketing at Massey University in Palmerston North. She currently teaches international marketing, marketing strategy, and electronic and mobile marketing, and has also spent many years teaching consumer behaviour, and advertising and promotion. Jan has previously taught marketing at the undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA levels in Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. She has published articles on topics such as survey research methodology and ambush marketing in international publications including Public Opinion Quarterly, eLaw Journal and International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, and has presented her research at conferences in Australasia, North America and Europe. Jan has worked in the financial services sector and continues to consult widely in marketing. In addition to an Honours degree and an MBA from Queen’s University in Canada and an LLB from QUT in Australia, she is currently working on a Master of Laws degree by external study.

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