Beginning Physics Workbook: NCEA Level 2 (2e) : 9781442557840

Beginning Physics Workbook: NCEA Level 2 (2e)

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The Beginning Physics Workbook has been updated against the New Zealand Curriculum 2007 and the realigned Achievement Standards for NCEA Level 2. It is a comprehensive resource to support your class room work and your studies.

The printed book is designed to support the classroom, laboratory work, homework and revision needed for the year. Features include:
• learning objectives to focus student study
• easy-to-read notes covering all the key content areas of Level 2 Physics
• write-on space so students can add their own notes and definitions as required (ideal for ESOL students)
• a wide variety of question types to allow practice of a range of skills
• a practical section containing all the essential experiments that students need to do, that builds to form an ideal record for revision at the end of the year.

The companion CD contains:
• links to YouTube videos that illustrate aspects of the content
• links to hundreds of interactive simulations and other web resources, all carefully selected to support Level 2 Physics
• data for practicals
• a full colour interactive E-book.
Table of contents
Chapter 1 One-dimensional motion 
Chapter 2 An introduction to forces
Chapter 3 Two-dimensional motion
Chapter 4 Waves
Chapter 5 Optics
Chapter 6 Energy
Chapter 7 Momentum
Chapter 8 Torque and equilibrium
Chapter 9 Static electricity
Chapter 10 Direct current circuits
Chapter 11 Electronic components
Chapter 12 Magnetism
Chapter 13 Modern physics 
Chapter 14 Context study
Chapter 15 Practical investigation
A Formulae list
B Useful scientific information for physics
C Prefixes (multipliers)
D Greek letters
E Some useful constants
F Periodic table of the elements
Answers to selected questions for discussion (On the CD)
Answers to problems and exercises (On the CD)
Author biography

Anna Cox is HOD of Mathematics at St Hilda’s College in Dunedin and prior to that was HOD of Mathematics and Physics at Kings High School in Dunedin. She is an enthusiastic teacher and is a keen skier in her spare time.

Dr Chris Smaill is a Senior Tutor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland. When out of the University, he can usually be found not too far away from his cars.

Target audience
Suitable for Year 12 - NCEA Level 2 Physics students.