Beta Mathematics eBook: Digital Access Code - 1 year lease (2e) : 9781486009886

Beta Mathematics eBook: Digital Access Code - 1 year lease (2e)

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Pearson New Zealand
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New Edition in preparation for Term 1 2019! Pearson's New Zealand representative, Edify Limited, will be publishing a new edition of Beta Mathematics for 2019. Visit the Edify website to learn more.

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About the book

Beta Mathematics has been written to meet the current requirements of Level Five Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum.

  • The content has been arranged to match the three curriculum strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics.
  • Throughout the book the examples and exercises follow the spirit of the Numeracy Project, with plenty of activities where the mathematics relates to students’ own experiences.
  • The Statistics chapters now feature coverage of the Statistical Enquiry Cycle.
  • The Trigonometry chapters now include the traditional and popular SOH-CAH-TOA approach.
  • Beta Mathematics 2e takes maximum advantage of a full-colour design, carefully planned to engage students and keep them interested. Thousands of full-colour diagrams, photos, cartoons, tags and icons help bring the mathematics to life.

Beta Mathematics 2e has been produced to fit a variety of learning approaches. In many cases appropriate technology can be used: Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), spreadsheets, and ordinary scientific calculators.

Table of contents

1 Number properties and operations
2 Decimals
3 Fractions
4 Percentages
5 Ratios and rates
6 Approximations, standard form and estimation


7 Formulas and substitution
8 Simplifying algebraic expressions
9 Expanding and factorising
10 Solving equations
11 Two pairs of brackets
12 2D Graphs
13 Graphs using rules from algebra


14 Metric system, scales and tables
15 Area of polygons
16 Circles - circumference and area
17 Volume and surface area


18 Angles 1 - Intersecting and parallel lines
19 Angles 2 - Polygons
20 Tessellation
21 Three dimensions
22 Pythagoras
23 Trigonometry 1
24 Trigonometry 2
25 Trigonometry 3
26 Construction and loci
27 Transformations 1 - Symmetry and Congruence
28 Transformations 2 - Enlargement


29 Statistical literacy - interpreting graphs and reports
30 Displaying statistical information
31 Working with data
32 The statistical enquiry cycle
33 Binomial distribution
Author biography
David Barton needs no introduction to a generation of New Zealand mathematics students and teachers. He has written a full six-book, award-winning series for secondary-school mathematics, and his material has also been published in Australia, South Africa, Fiji and Abu Dhabi. David Barton was educated at Wellington College and has taught at Wellington College and Rangitoto College in Auckland.
Target audience
For Year 10 students
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