Pearson English Readers (formerly Penguin Readers)

In April 2015, 63 of our best-selling titles will be freshly rebranded from Penguin Readers to Pearson English Readers, to better represent us - who we are (Pearson!) and what we do best (English!). The rest of the rebranded Penguin Readers will follow in 2015-2016.


What are Pearson English Readers?

World-renowned stories rewritten for English learners and graded to 7 different levels for English Readers and 5 levels for Active Readers. With Pearson English Readers, learners of any age can enjoy and learn from reading, whatever their language level is.


  • Written by specialist ELT authors
  • Hundreds of titles to choose from - classics, films, biographies, drama, romance, comedy, crime...
  • Sold individually or can be packaged with an Audio CD or MP3


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What makes Pearson English Readers the best choice?

  • These carefully graded readers are aligned with the Global Scale of English
  • Award winning content. When students enjoy what they're doing they are more motivated to read, learn and succeed
  • With a large selection of book and film-based titles across 13 different genres  and 7 English Reader levels, every learner can find a perfect Reader at the right level and right topic/story for them. Intensive reading offered with 5 levels of Active Readers
  • With additional teacher's resources in every title (including Teacher's Notes, Activity Worksheets and Audio Files) teachers can bring more practice and interaction in their classroom


Watch an overview of Pearson English Readers here