Penguin Readers

Everyone likes a good story - so what better way to help your students improve their English than by reading a good story. Penguin Readers really do offer 'Something for Everyone!' from original titles to film adaptations, from classics to comedies and plays.

All books stay true to the original texts but are underpinned by extensively researched grammar and vocabulary syllabuses meaning your students read real books in language they understand …while all the time improving their language skills. Nearly every title has a quality audio version available, using professional actors in our purpose-built studio.

Furthermore, to help you with lesson planning, every Penguin Reader also has a range of downloadable support material including activity sheets, teacher's notes, answer keys and progress tests. To access these, teachers must first register on the Penguin Readers website.   Browse products


Penguin Active Reading

Research showed teachers wanted a special series of books that could be used specifically in the classroom with more exercises and project work. Penguin Active Reading materials allow teachers to take an integrated skills approach to using readers.

All Penguin Active Reading titles are supported by audio recordings and an interactive CD-ROM.

In developing this series we were very conscious of not destroying the students' eagerness to read a riveting tale - so all titles are carefully selected to engage students' interests and to quench their natural thirst for knowledge. Browse products


Penguin Kids Readers

We've teamed up with Disney to bring you the most exciting, up-to-date readers you can find.

Films and fairy-tales that are guaranteed to excite any young learner. The stories leap off the page as the Disney illustrations bring the titles to life. Carefully graded to be accessible to learners of any level we offer something new that engages learners and introduces younger children to the joys of reading about their favourite film characters.

The Penguin Kids website is where you'll find lots of additional information, samples of pages and the audio, and helps you choose the reader that suits your class best. Browse products


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Pearson English Readers (formerly Penguin Readers)

From Easystarts through to Level 6 there is something for everyone!

Pearson English Readers are a carefully graded collection of Readers that enable English language learners to enjoy reading whatever their language level.


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Penguin Active Reading

From Easystarts through to Level 4 integrating skills through reading!

Penguin Active Reading is an exciting new series of graded readers, which provides reading and language learning at five levels, through full-colour, beautifully illustrated Readers.


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Penguin Kids Readers
elt-cover-pkr-wall-e.jpg   Penguin Kids Readers Level 1 to Level 6, 23 titles, the happily-ever-after kids!

Immerse your students in 6 levels of enchanting Disney stories. From 'Cinderella ' and 'Dumbo ' to 'Up ', there's something for all interests and levels. MP3 audio brings the characters to life.


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