Teach comprehension skills and strategies, and see the BIG picture 

Making Connections provides an explicit framework to teach comprehension skills and strategies for Years 2-7.

  • Teach your students to become more effective, critical and reflective readers.
  • Help your students to apply comprehension strategies and construct meaning, using texts which are designed to assist students as they apply new skills.




Digital LiveText™ DVDs

Just launch and teach! Ready in 1 minute

Making Connections Digital provides an innovative, easy-to-use programme bringing together all the Making Connections texts and teacher resources at each year level. All of the texts are enhanced by LiveText™ capability.



Key features:


  • Facilitates a blended approach to teaching, combining print and digital resources
  • Zoom in to see an image or text in detail
  • Customise pages and add emphasis with the annotation tool
  • Print pages, including the annotations
  • Hot Spots link to resources, activities and downloads
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Digital LiveText™ DVDs include...


Digital Interactive Big Books

Teach the skills
  • introduces each focus comprehension skill
  • allows both teachers and students to mark up and interact with the text when applying comprehension strategies and skills 
  • whole class and small group activities
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Digital Blackline Masters

Practice and assess the skills


  • allow students to practise comprehension skills and strategies using the activities that accompany the texts 
  • provide an assessment text to assist teachers track student progress 
  • offer additional activities where students can practise re-reading a text
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Digital Comprehension Library

Apply the skill


  • high-interest topics plus engaging illustrations and photographs increase motivation
  • allows students to read the book and apply the skill in a real-world context 
  • can be read in small groups or independently
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Digital Teacher's Resource Book

Overview of the teaching process


  • answers for all Blackline Master activities
  • clearly highlighted skill and stage of development
  • predictable sequences of strategies to facilitate students' independence
  • text connections with further activities
  • use of graphic organisers to retrieve and organise information
  • a multiple-choice Diagnostic Assessment Task for each skill
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Digital Poster Pack

Ten posters for the series
  • reference for students while they work on activities
  • students learn to generate literal, inferential and evaluative questions
  • suitable for both whole-class and small-group work
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Also available in print format... 

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