Pearson English is an extremely flexible Primary English programme, from Pearson Australia, allowing you to customise a solution that suits you best.  

You can choose your content from a large range of topics - 8 topics per year level. Allowing for one Pearson English topic per term, a selection of eight allows you to pick relevant topics which address the specific needs of your class and school.

Plus you can personalise students' learning pathways by selecting differentiated texts and learning activities within each topic.


Pearson English Components



Fiction and Non-fiction Topic Books

  • One fiction and one non-fiction Topic Book per topic (eight per year level)
  • Quality literature with age appropriate, engaging topics
  • Finely-levelled books, aligned to Fountas & Pinnell's levelling system


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Student Magazines

  • One magazine per topic (eight per year level)
  • Each magazine includes an introduction, topic questions and engaging facts
  • Four clearly structured text types in each magazine from a comprehensive range of genres
  • Breakaway tasks encourage students to think creatively and critically and promote higher order thinking


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Teacher Companions

  • One Teacher Companion per topic (eight per year level)
  • Detailed guidelines on how to use the programme including a suggested teaching sequence
  • Structured learning pathways
  • Guided Reading Notes for Topic Books
  • Scope and sequence documentation
  • Assessment strategies and tools
  • ESOL support strategies and activities


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