Rapid is a proven intervention approach that's helping children catch up in reading. Rapid Reading books are designed for one-to-one reading sessions with struggling learners. Great care has been taken to combine age-appropriate content that is engaging for older children with reading ages 5.0 to 10 years. 

Why choose Rapid?


  • Improves reading comprehension as well as decoding and comprehension improvement
  • Keeps children working independently, in-class or during intervention time


  • Facilitates better communication of progress and targets between staff
  • Privacy for children to make mistakes and self correct
  • Provides the appropriate interest level for all readers
  • Dyslexia-friendly books that are also perfect for both catch-up and for children whose first language is not English


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The Rapid platform includes a unique mix of child-focused activities, home access for parents and students and teacher reporting tools to ensure you are equipped to support your students in this digital age.

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Teacher Resources

Assessment Books (Benchmark)

The Assessment Books contain benchmarking tools to help you assess, monitor and track each child's reading progress.

One Benchmark book for each stage mirrors the look and feel of the Rapid's reading books and is designed to be read after the reading books at that level.

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Teaching and Assessment Guides

Rapid's pick-up-and-go teaching guides make interventions easy to set up and run; they're perfect for teachers and contain guided reading lesson notes, ideas for speaking and listening, and follow-up activities to extend children's comprehension, spelling and writing skills.

The Teaching and Assessment Guides help you to:

  • get started with the different components of the Rapid programme
  • support your struggling readers in both one-on-one reading sessions and Guided Reading sessions
  • provide follow-up work to each Rapid text

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Help your children catch up in phonics - fast!

All Rapid Phonics books are 100% decodable and finely levelled so you can be sure to target the exact needs of your learners. Packed with age-appropriate characters, topics and artwork, they make phonics rewarding, motivating and a gateway to a life-long love of reading.
  • 100% decodable readers
  • Snappy Lesson plans and assessments
  • Teaching Materials

Want to know more about Rapid?

Contact your Education Consultant for more information on Rapid Reading or to arrange to view products.