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Thematic approach

A New Zealand series of themed-based resources perfect for use with Year 9 and 10 students. Each book explores a theme in depth applying a range of skills using various text and media types. Now available in print and VitalSource eText options.


Selected by students

The themes have been chosen by students as being of abiding interest, ensuring that your class will remain engaged with the topic. Classroom tested and popular with both boys and girls, each title contains a variety of questions and exercises that will allow for differentiation within the classroom.

Variety of text and media

The six themes are addressed through a number of different text and media types so that students understand how to shape their writing for different audiences and purposes.


Range of skills

  • Accompanying activities and assessments are balanced across the six modes of listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting.
  • In addition, there are opportunities to develop broader communication skills such as brain-storming, close reading questions, discussion, internet research, thinking, summarising and presenting ideas. 
  • Ideal for cross-curricular studies.

Complete curriculum coverage

  • Each book covers two Level 5 Achievement Objectives from the Listening, Reading and Viewing strand, and two from the Speaking, Writing and Presenting strand.
  • Three books together will cover the Achievement Objectives for a year's work.

Interactive Teaching Resources bring lessons to life!


  • Engage your students - each title is accompanied by interactive presentations designed to use with whiteboards, data projectors and computers.
  • 'User-enabled' files allow you to customise each resource to your classroom's needs.
  • Extra content on each theme (web links, audio files, videos and more) enable you to take the discussion outside the classroom.


Comprehensive Teaching Resource CDs providing background information, pedagogical notes, suggested answers, web links and much more to bring the books to life for you and your students.


Contact your Education Consultant to request a FREE Sample CD and to arrange a demo



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Theme: Exciting world of sports


english-ewa-fights-frights-cover.jpg Theme: Conflict & violence

english-ewa-how-deep-cover.jpgTheme: Stereotypes
& discrimination   

english-ewa-rhythm-bones-cover.jpgTheme: Music & musicians

english-ewa-sub-zero-cover.jpgTheme: Human survival  

english-ewa-wrong-side-tracks-cover.jpgTheme: Personal choice  

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