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Inspire even the most reluctant reader

Created with series editor, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Heroes is a series of short, accessible original, hardback novels and plays that teenage boys and girls will love. 

The series expertly weaves captivating fiction with state-of-the-art digital teaching resources to inspire even the most reluctant reader. 


Focus on engagement

  • Exciting novels and plays packed full of action and adventure. 
  • Perfect for engaging and captivating less confident readers and encouraging reading for pleasure. 
  • ActiveTeach technology bursting with fun activities, games, quizzes and videos!

Build confidence

  • Trialled and tested in schools to ensure the language level is just right. 
  • Short, accessible stories that can be read in class helping you to deliver the whole text in six weeks

Improve reading skills

  • Lesson ideas based on competition and other strategies known to get reluctant readers involved and focused. 
  • Assessment tasks provided to help you demonstrate that your students' reading has improved.


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Boost engagement with ActiveTeach


An ActiveTeach CD is available for each book in the series. Designed to engage and motivate your reluctant readers with interactive activities, quizzes and videos tailored to each title.


  • A copy of the book on-screen with highlighted dialogue helps with reading around the classroom
  • Regular comprehension quizzes covering the whole text provide opportunities for team competition
  • Visually engaging with atmospheric illustrations of key scenes to help students explore plot and characters
  • Includes imaginative scenarios students will love. 

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Value Packs

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 Tom & Tony  Bradman

A group of children
struggle to survive after
a zombie apocalypse.

Year 10 Play 



Chris Priestly

A fast-paced story of
revenge, loyalty and
war in Roman Britain.

Year 10 Novel 


  Catherine Forde


Spooky and sinister, this
play will have everyone on
the edge of their seats.

Year 10 Play



 Tom & Tony  Bradman

A group of children
struggle to survive after
a zombie apocalypse.

Year 9 Play




  Bali Rai


A teenage boy is
on the trail of
Jack the Ripper.

Year 10 Novel



  A & P Peters

A dark and thrilling novel
about a battle between
good and evil.

Year 10 Novel




Disappearing teachers, piles
of cash and vicious gangs
populate this brilliant tale.

Year 9 Novel



 Nigel Hinton

Boys will love this
haunting tale of

Year 9 Novel


 Christopher Edge

An action-packed
spy novel for all
adventure seekers

Year 9 Novel



  Justin Richards


A gripping tale about a
shipwreck, young offenders
and a scientific project.

Year 10 Novel


 John Townsend

Faced-paced action as a
teenager confronts
terrorists in the Alps

Year 9 Play


 David Grant

A valuable and practical
insight into strategies to
engage boys with reading.

Teacher Guidebook

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