Secondary Resources

It's an exciting time to be in education. Students are approaching learning in many new and different ways and we are creating print and digital resources to inspire both learning and teaching.

Our resources are based on current education research, written by experts in their fields and are tested with current practising teachers (and students). So why not have a look around at our latest resources?

Barton Mathematics

A complete solution for teachers and students. This six-book, award-winning series provides textbooks, eTexts, workbooks and teaching resources for Years 9-13.


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Deliver the content your students will want to learn. French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and more!

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Conflict and Kiwis

Conflict and Kiwis will help students gain a good overview and insight into the differing forms that conflict can take and specifically a number of key world conflicts and key happenings that impacted on New Zealand. NCEA Level 1-3.


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Protest in New Zealand

This resource provides a basis for inquiry based teaching and learning. It features an in-depth look at contested events during the 20th century, focusing on their causes and effects, and the events and people that drove them. NCEA Level 1 and 2.


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York Notes

The ultimate guide to English Literature. Everything students need to learn, revise effectively and write the very best answers.


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Pearson English

Formative teaching tasks to lead students towards assessment for any of the eleven NCEA Level 1 English Achievement Standards.

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English with Attitude

Bring lessons to life!

Comprehensive, flexible resources for Year 9-10 students. 


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english-illus-heroes-logo.jpg   This series expertly weaves captivating fiction with state-of-the-art digital teaching resources to inspire even the most reluctant reader.

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Population Concepts

For Level 1 Geography students, Population Concepts includes a wealth of exercises and activites, supported with illustrations and photographs, to ensure the required levels of understanding are achieved.

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Science Directions Workbooks

The External Achievements Standards for NCEA Level 1 Science are now available in three, individual workbooks workbooks.


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Pearson Science

Designed for an inquiry approach to science learning, the engaging design, unambiguous features and clear easy-to-understand language make this a valuable resource for students of all interests and abilities.

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