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Deliver the content your pupils will enjoy learning

Studio French resources are packed with content that will help your pupils enjoy learning French, with a fresh approach to traditional topics that brings them right up to date!  

Studio - the complete package

Studio resources include pupil books, workbooks, digital resources, assessments, audio, teacher's guides, and more. Contact your Pearson Education Consultant to arrange a series overview.

Open the window to the French-speaking world

Captivate the whole class with modern video packed with cultural content, integrated throughout the course.


Move at the right pace for your pupils

Skip the French basics or use Accès Studio to start from scratch.

Encourage your pupils to keep going with French

A wide variety of activities delivered with a fresh, flexible approach to get them excited about learning French so they want to progress. 


ActiveTeach - Teach your class your way!



Try a free slice of Studio ActiveTeach for yourself here!

On-screen Pupil Books and innovative, interactive activities are the perfect way to keep the whole class engaged. Navigate  the pages of the books, zoom in on key tasks and with all the audio  for the Pupil Book hosted in ActiveTeach, you can do each listening exercise  at the touch of a button. 


The ActiveTeach content can also be loaded on the school's intranet making it ideal for class, group or individual learning.


Contact your Education Consultant to arrange an ActiveTeach Demo


Sample Pages  

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Sample Audio Files

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