is the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts. Students benefit from self-paced tutorials, featuring specific wrong-answer feedback, hints, and a wide variety of educationally effective content to keep them engaged and on track. Robust diagnostics and unrivalled gradebook reporting allow instructors to pinpoint the weaknesses and misconceptions of a student or class to provide timely intervention.

Learning Catalytics - NEW!



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NEW! Learning Catalytics™ is a "bring your own device" student engagement, assessment, and classroom intelligence system.

With Learning Catalytics you can:

  • Assess students in real time, using open-ended tasks to probe student understanding.
  • Understand immediately where students are and adjust your lecture accordingly.
  • Improve your students' critical-thinking skills.
  • Access rich analytics to understand student performance.
  • Add your own questions to make Learning Catalytics fit your course exactly.
  • Manage student interactions with intelligent grouping and timing.

Tutorials with Hints and Feedback



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  • Easily assign tutorials that provide individualized coaching.
  • Mastering's hallmark Hints and Feedback offer scaffolded instruction similar to what students would experience in an office hour.
  • Hints (declarative and Socratic) can provide problem-solving strategies or break the main problem into simpler exercises.
  • Feedback lets the student know precisely what misconception or misunderstanding is evident from their answer and offers ideas to consider when attempting the problem again.

Learning Outcomes: Tracking and Reporting


Let Mastering do the work for you. Track and report student performance against your Learning Outcomes

MasteringPhysics offers a data-supported measure to quantify students' learning gains and to share those results quickly and easily:

  • The problems instructors select for an assignment in Mastering are tagged to publisher-provided learning outcomes.
  • Instructors can also add their own course-specific, department-wide, or institution-wide learning outcomes and associate those with the assignment content.
  • Student performance can be tracked against specified learning outcomes at both the individual student and class level
  • Reports can be exported to Excel for easy submission to department heads and/or academic executives.

Gradebook Diagnostics


The Gradebook Diagnostics screen provides your favorite weekly diagnostics.

Mastering's powerful gradebook records all scores for automatically graded assignments. Struggling students and challenging assignments are highlighted in red, giving you an at-a-glance view of potential hurdles in the course.

Mastering's diagnostics provide unique insight into class and student performance. With a single click, you can view charts that summarize the most difficult problems, identify vulnerable students, and indicate grade distribution and score improvement over the duration of the course.


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