MyMathLab Global is designed to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts.

Students benefit from specific wrong answer feedback, hints and a personalised study plan while unrivalled gradebook diagnostics allow an instructor to pinpoint the weaknesses and misconceptions of their class.



NZ Approved!

"MyMathLab Global has enabled me to be more flexible in my teaching delivery.
It has allowed the students to practise outside their scheduled classroom hours and anecdotal evidence suggests a marked improvement to conceptual understanding and problem-solving.
The strengths of the system are instant feedback and opportunity for unlimited practice." 

Ken Louie, Wintec, New Zealand



Educator Benefits

Quickly and easily create tests to assess your students' skills from basic maths right up to undergraduate calculus. Create short, self-paced refresher courses to help students get up to speed with their maths skills.


Comprehensive Testing Options

  • MyMathLab Global's comprehensive database allows you to design tests that assess students' skills to match the requirement of your course.
  • Select and preview questions from an online test bank before deciding whether to include them and preview the test exactly as it will appear to students.
  • Sophisticated functionality allows you to set limits on the number of attempts at the test, require password access, set prerequisites, provide partial credit on multi-part questions and many other options.
  • And, of course, you can create homework too - giving students the benefit of interactive learning aids right at the moment they need help.


Powerful Online Gradebook

  • The MyMathLab Global online gradebook automatically records your students' test results and gives you complete control.
  • Quickly and easily generate detailed reports on results and export them to a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.


Multiple-Program Management

  • Using MyMathLab Global's coordinator-and-members feature, you can update all instances of a test program at once. You create a master program and then generate copies to all of the members. Changes you make to the master program automatically update the members.

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Student Benefits

Help students master maths.

Create refresher modules to test and improve their basic maths skills or create an entire maths course.

Students build their skills by taking practice tests andworking through a Study Plan personalised to their areas of weakness.



Personalised Study Plan

  • Based on a student's initial test results, MyMathLab Global generates a personalised Study Plan that shows at a glance which topics they need to practise.
  • The Study Plan links directly to interactive tutorial questions that they can use for practice. The questions include guided solutions, videos and other rich multimedia learning aids. 

Practice Tests

  • When students work in the Study Plan, the values change in the sample tests so they can practise a question as many times as they need. Practice questions give helpful feedback to incorrect answers.


Designed for New Zealand and Australian Universities

  • Every question has been created and mapped to course requirements by Dr Narwin Perkal from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering at LaTrobe University.

Low-Cost Subscription

  • MyMathLab Global provides 12 months of ongoing practice, tutorials and assessment.

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