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  • Aboriginal Peoples In Canada (8e)

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    Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, eighth edition, provides a current, comprehensive introduction to Native Studies. Using both the majority and minority perspectives, it chronicles the changes that have taken place over the past century and how they have impacted upon Canadian and Aboriginal Peoples.&nb... Read more >

  • Anthropology (8e)

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    For courses in General Anthropology   Global Understanding through Anthropology Anthropology: A Global Perspective connects students with other cultures and helps them understand diversity in our modern, globalized world. The text explores current and classical research from all four subfie... Read more >

  • Anthropology (14e)

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    Explains how and why human cultures vary so greatly across space and time   Anthropology, provides students with a comprehensive and scientific introduction to the holistic four fields of anthropology and the important role of applied anthropology.  Readers will understand humans in all ... Read more >

  • Anthropology: The Basics

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    For courses in General AnthropologyExplore the similarities and differences that characterize humanityAnthropology: The Basics provides a concise introduction to the subfields of anthropology, designed for instructors who want an overview of key concepts, to which they can add supplementary case st... Read more >

  • Apes of the Impenetrable Forest: The Behavioral Ecology of Sympatiric Chimpanzees and Gorillas

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    Part of Prentice Hall's Primate Field Studies series.  Apes of the Impenetrable Forest (The Behavioral Ecology of Sympatiric Chimpanzees and Gorillas) offers students a scholary and relevant study.  This is an account of a nine year project on the behavior and ecology of chimpanze... Read more >