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  • A Guide to College Writing

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  • Academic Research and Writing: Inquiry and Argument in College

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    Guiding students through the research process and helping them build the skills they need for effective research, Academic Research and Writing: Inquiry and Argument in College presents a highly accessible look at the complex issues that typically come up in reading and constructing research project... Read more >

  • Arguing Across the Disciplines: A Rhetoric and Reader

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    Arguing Across the Disciplines is the only text of its kind, combining instruction in argumentation with writing across the curriculum and including a diverse selection of classic and contemporary arguments in a wide range of disciplines.   Nine writing chapters provide students with a c... Read more >

  • Argument as Dialogue: A Concise Guide

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    Argument as Dialogue is a concise and affordable guide to persuasive writing and research that treats argument as a process of dialogue and deliberation–the exchange of opinions and ideas–among people of different values and perspectives. The text contains succinct instruction on analyzi... Read more >

  • Backpack Writing, MLA Update Edition (4e)

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    For college courses in Composition and Rhetoric.This version of Backpack Writing has been updated to reflect the 8th Edition of the MLA Handbook (April 2016)* Revealing the writing process through interactive learningBackpack Writing, 4th Edition presents writing, reading, and resea... Read more >