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  • "So You Think I Drive a Cadillac?" Welfare Recipients' Perspectives on the System and Its Reform (3e)

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    So You Think I Drive a Cadillac, 2/e,  provides rich stories from welfare recipients themselves and from those who recently left welfare for work: how they got onto welfare, what the reality of welfare (and welfare reform) is for them, issues in raising their families, their plans, ho... Read more >

  • Aboriginal Peoples In Canada (8e)

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    Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, eighth edition, provides a current, comprehensive introduction to Native Studies. Using both the majority and minority perspectives, it chronicles the changes that have taken place over the past century and how they have impacted upon Canadian and Aboriginal Peoples.&nb... Read more >

  • Alcohol and Human Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice

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    Surveys the critical issues discussed in the field, pointing out how each issue has been approached from several theoretical perspectives.

  • An Introduction to Crime and Criminology (4e)

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    An Introduction to Crime & Criminology 4e, continues to bring together some of Australia’s most widely respected authorities on criminology. The text explores popular knowledge and understanding about crime, contrasting it with what we know about crime from official sources as well as from... Read more >

  • An Introduction to Group Work Practice, Global Edition (8e)

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    For courses in Group Social Work Practice Widely used by professionals, educators, and students in undergraduate and graduate courses in schools of social work throughout the United States and the world, An Introduction to Group Work Practice presents a comprehensive, coherent, organised overview o... Read more >