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  • Beta Mathematics (2e)

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    The Complete Package for year 10 mathematics This edition of Beta Mathematics has been written to meet the current requirements of Level Five Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. The content has been arranged to match the three curriculum strands: Number and Al... Read more >

  • Beta Mathematics Workbook (2e)

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    Book + Disk
    The Beta Mathematics Workbook contains hundreds of the questions and activities for which David Barton is famous: well graded, interesting, and linked throughout to real-world applications. The exercises in this write-on workbook are matched to corresponding exercises in Beta Mathematics 2... Read more >

  • Gamma Mathematics: NCEA Level 1

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    Gamma Mathematics has been written to reflect the current requirements of Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand curriculum. Award Winner - 2011 CLL Educational Publishing Awards Educational Publishing Awards - Best Book or Series in Secondary Publishing! A complete solution for Level 6 of t... Read more >

  • Gamma Mathematics Workbook: NCEA Level 1

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    Book + Disk
    Gamma Mathematics Workbook contains a huge array of exercises that are linked to the corresponding Gamma Mathematics textbook. This makes it easy for teachers to choose - and students to remember - homework, extra practice and revision exercises that match what has been done in class. In order ... Read more >

  • Beta Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource Pack (CD + Annual Licence) (2e)

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    Educators only
    This pack contains 1 copy of The Beta Mathematics Interactive Teaching Resource CD and 1 printed Annual Licence. A completely customisable way to teach Junior Secondary Mathematics. The Interactive Teaching Resource CD contains two versions of the Beta Mathematics textbook and workbook in eText form... Read more >