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  • Employment Relations in New Zealand (2e)

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    Not yet available
    Employment Relations in New Zealand, the extensively revised and updated edition of Employment Relations in New Zealand by Deeks and Rasmussen (2002), provides a detailed examination of the current state of employment relations. This includes discussion of recent developments, such as a new chapter ... Read more >

  • Impact Topics

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    Not yet available
    Impact Topics contains thirty stimulating, discussion-generating topics based on authentic stories. Each is carefully presented to help students understand the topic, with follow-up activities. 

  • Layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop's Most Powerful Feature (2e)

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    In 2008, Adobe Photoshop pro and best-selling author Matt Kloskowski broke new ground teaching Photoshop by focusing on the one thing that makes Photoshop the amazing (and sometimes difficult to understand) program it is: layers. Now, Matt returns with a major update to the book that explains "the k... Read more >

  • Test Your Pronounciation Book & CD

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    Book + Disk
    Test your Pronunciation features 60 motivating listening tests to practice key areas of English pronunciation, such as identifying vowels and consonants, looking at the relationship between sounds and spelling, and using word and phrase stress correctly. There are a wide variety of tests, including ... Read more >