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  • A Christmas Carol: New Longman Literature

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    Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean and lonely businessman who despises the meaning of Christmas until one Christmas Eve when he is visited by the ghosts of his past, present and future… What's the hook? A tremendously evocative tale full of suspense and offering a unique insight into nineteenth ce... Read more >

  • A Guide to Scientific Writing (2e)

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    This practical book takes the mystery out of scientific writing by taking students through the process in plain and clear language.  A Guide to Scientific Writing covers undergraduate writing tasks as well as preparing reviews and more advanced forms of scientific writing.

  • Applications Programming in ANSI C (3e)

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    Appropriate for a one-term course focusing on C as a language for applications programming. The text takes a true introductory approach by assuming no prior programming experience in C or any other language.

  • Applied Mechanics (3e)

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    The third edition introduces the basic principles of applied mechanics. The book brings together the principles of statistics and dynamics with regard to forces, thermo- and gas-dynamics and fluid flow.

  • Concepts of Ecology (4e)

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    For sophomore/junior-level courses in Ecology. Ideal for those studying ecology for the first time —whether or not they've had a first-year course in biology, this text explores the significant concepts of modern ecology using a minimum of jargon and only basic/simple mathematics.