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At Pearson, we take learning personally. Our courses and resources are available as books, eTexts and online, helping people learn whatever, wherever and however they choose.

Pearson Custom works for educators. We partner with you to build course-specific materials, designed to facilitate student success. We open the door to a wealth of content and technology and walk you through the process of selecting or creating the custom resources to meet your course goals.

Is it complicated and time consuming?

We walk you through the creation of your customised learning resource step-by-step, managing every aspect of its design right through to final delivery. The result is a learning resource that gives you everything you need to engage your students with relevant material.

What about an eText?

Your customised resource can be made available as an eText, a printed book or a combination of both, to suit the mutual needs of you and your students.

Is it possible to include my own course materials?

Yes, Pearson Custom allows you to incorporate your own course notes into the customised product and make them available to your students.


Textbook solutions

Publish your original course material quickly and professionally.

Publish your original material with the leading educational publisher in New Zealand. Our team will work with you every step of the way to turn your ideas, course notes, handouts or completed manuscript into a professionally presented text, tailor-made for your course.

Or create a unique book for your course from content derived from other Pearson material. Creating a custom book with Pearson Custom provides you with a flexible and efficient way to manage your course materials.

What you can expect:

A Pearson Custom Specialist to guide you through the selection and production process. Our specialised team will work with you to help you choose content and structure your book logically when creating and customising course materials from existing publications.

  • A wide choice of covers from our gallery of covers 
  • A fast turnaround of your work - 8 to 12 weeks from your manuscript or content selection submission
  • You can focus on your course whilst we focus on the manufacturing and distribution
  • The ability to keep your work current because we don't lock you into long print runs, allowing you the opportunity to revise your course content when required
  • The option to include of your own original material when choosing content from existing publications.

It's your course. It's your choice.


Media solutions

Custom Media Solutions for your Course.

Technology Solutions

Are you looking for a customised technology solution that fits your course objectives and goals exactly? Pearson Custom Solutions works with instructors to create a customised technology solution specific to your course requirements and needs. We specialise in a number of best practices including custom websites and portals, animation and simulations, content conversions and customisations and LMS.


Pearson creates eTexts. You choose the content of your eText, be it your favourite text, original material, or chapters from a variety of Pearson texts - and we do the rest. Students will find your course more cutting-edge, and will benefit through 24/7 access to course content, anytime, anywhere.


Online learning solutions

Pearson offers a broad range of courses and custom solutions for web-enhanced, blended and online learning.

Pearson course content is developed by a team of respected subject-matter experts and experienced eLearning instructional designers. All course content is designed around specific learning objectives.

Online Course Content: Fully Developed

The CourseConnect™ program is a complete catalogue of online course content created by relevant subject-matter experts and eLearning instructional designers.

Online Course Content: Curriculum Development

Pearson can design online content for your course, department or institution. Customised curriculum design and delivery services are focused and tailored to your needs and learning objectives.


Cover Gallery

Should you decide to use Pearson to publish your own custom book, we have a number of covers to choose from in our cover gallery. Some points to consider when choosing your cover are:  

  • The cover design should appeal visually to you and your students
  • The cover design should appropriately reflect the content of your custom book - for example, if you are publishing a humanities title, steer away from designs with a finance focus.
  • We can customise any cover with images that you wish to provide, to enhance and personalise your book to your course.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in the selection process. Once you have made your selection, please let your contact at Pearson know the number of your preferred cover. Click here to view our cover gallery.


Contact our New Zealand distributor, Edify Limited, to find out more information on how you can create with us.

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