Virtual learning environments

Pearson LearningStudio enables comprehensive, flexible, and personalised online learning. This leading solution gives faculty and administrators the integrated platform, tools, content and support they need to create, manage and measure successful online learning experiences. Find out more.

Fronter is a leading, easy-to-use platform for learning and collaboration. Schools, colleges and universities worldwide are selecting Fronter for its user friendliness, innovation, stability and scalability. This award-winning platform has been developed in close cooperation with users around the world and features a comprehensive set of tools to help you increase involvement and raise standards while saving time and money. Find out more.


Digital content management

EQUELLA is a powerful digital repository that is revolutionising the way institutions search, manage, and create content online. It can be implemented as a single repository for research, libraries and learning objects in all types of academic institutions, including schools, community colleges, universities and country-wide systems. EQUELLA is also deployed for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through web sites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy and document management. Find out more.



Our three primary products, PowerSchool, Chancery SMS and Pearson Inform facilitate collaboration and communication across all stakeholder groups, be it schools, districts, administrators, teachers, parents or students. Whether you are interested in a performance analysis dashboard for your district, a web-based parent portal or an online grade book for teachers, Pearson is the only education technology provider positioned to help you address the challenges of achievement, reporting, growth and scalability. Find out more.


Data interoperability

The Data Solutions group of Pearson provides education technology solutions in three areas: Longitudinal Data Systems, Interoperability Solutions, Learner Credential Management. Every education enterprise is unique, and no matter who you are or what data challenges you're facing, we have a solution that can make your life easier. Find out more.