At Pearson we believe in the successful integration of technology and learning at every level of education and are constantly evaluating and evolving products as we look to harness the power of new technologies. 

You may be embracing the changes that the New Zealand Curriculum brings or managing the demands of the Digital Education Revolution or perhaps you're wondering how to maximise the learning link at home and how the National Broadband Network might impact that. Ultimately as a leader you are looking to ensure that you mitigate risks and maximise potential returns, so it makes sense to choose your friends carefully.

In higher education, market-leading Pearson online learning solutions such as Pearson LearningStudio, the Mastering suite and MyLabs have revolutionized the digital learning landscape offering superior online tools and features across a range of different areas as they succeed in closing the gap between distance learning and on-site classes.

In schools, innovative, interactive teaching resources and eTexts for Secondary core content subjects and delightful eBooks for Primary are paving the way for blended solution teaching and learning in New Zealand schools.

MyLabs / Mastering

MyLab and Mastering products for higher education deliver leading technology innovations. These online asssessment and tutorial systems are customisable. By using dynamic technologies you can create a personalised learning experience so that every student succeeds.

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Students who actively participate in their learning learn more. Our eText content is engaging and immediately accessible on a range of devices.

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