At Pearson we have developed a range of innovative products and services that enable lecturers to support their students.

MyLab and Mastering, our leading online learning products, deliver fully customisable content and highly personalised study plans, responsive tools and real-time evaluation and diagnostics. MyLab and Mastering give educators the ability to steer each student towards the moment that matters most in learning: the moment of true understanding.

MyLab and Mastering adjust to the unique needs of each student and can be easily tailored to specific course goals and content requirements. The result? Inspired students, higher success rates, and improved retention.

Every New Zealand university has already benefitted from the integration of Pearson's learning tools. Over 65,000 local students have used a MyLab or Mastering platform to personalise their learning experience.

Personalised and engaging experiences - every student learns uniquely and MyLabs and Mastering are designed to support students in a personal way.

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Shaking up Biology - the University of Canterbury Experience

Within a nine month period, three earthquakes devastated Christchurch, destroying university facilities and leaving students preoccupied with piecing together their lives.

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