Foundation Design and Construction (7e) : 9780130311801

Foundation Design and Construction (7e)

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Foundation Design and Construction has long been established as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the subject.

The combination of soil engineering principles, design information, and construction details, makes this book an essential resource for undergraduates and practitioners alike. The text first introduces basic theory and then, by means of case studies, practical worked examples and design charts, develops an in-depth understanding of foundation design and construction methods. Types of foundation covered include shallow strip, pad and raft, basement structures, driven and bored piles, and deep shafts. Practical information is also given on foundation design for swelling and shrinking clays, filled ground and mining subsidence areas.

In addition the text contains a useful introduction to computer-aided design.The 7th Edition has been brought up-to-date with recent developments in foundation design and construction techniques. These include recent research undertaken by the Construction Industry Research and Development Association (CIRIA) leading to new methods and design rules, and a discussion of the requirements for the latest draft of Eurocode 7: Geotechnical Design.

Table of contents
  • Preface To The 1st Edition.
  • Preface To The 7th Edition.
  • 1. Site Investigations And Soil Mechanics
  • 2. The General Principles Of Foundation Design
  • 3. Foundation Design In Relation To Ground Movements
  • 4. Spread And Deep Shaft Foundations
  • 5. Buoyancy Rafts And Basements (Box Foundations)
  • 6. Bridge Foundations
  • 7. Piled Foundations 1: The Carrying Capacity Of Piles And Pile Groups
  • 8. Piled Foundations 2: Structural Design And Construction Methods
  • 9. Foundation Construction
  • 10. Cofferdams
  • 11. Geotechnical Processes
  • 12. Shoring And Underpinning
  • 13. Protection Of Foundation Structures Against Attack By Soils And Ground Water. Appendix A Properties Of Materials.
  • Appendix B Ground Movements Around Excavations.
  • Appendix C Conversion Tables.
  • Author Index.
  • Title Index.


Features & benefits


  • It is an authoritative reference guide and manual for the practising engineer
  • contains all essential information for practical foundation design
  • real-life case studies help the student to relate theoretical principles to practice
  • contains many worked examples with clear explanations
  • includes an introduction to computer-aided design