Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Collaborative Approach : 9780130423351

Inclusive Early Childhood Education: A Collaborative Approach

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The approach of this methods text is very practical with useful applications and many teaching strategies woven throughout the book. The text provides a balance of early childhood education and early childhood special education perspectives. Readers will receive current information on theory and practice for inclusive education in early childhood settings through a comprehensive text. Collaboration is the  major “hot” topic emphasized in this text. The key strength of this text is the practical information about how to collaborate and communicate with families and other professionals. This text answers the call for teachers to develop skills in collaboration and communication. Practical information and examples are woven into every chapter. Another strength of this text is the interweaving of inclusion and diversity issues and practices across all topics treated in the book. This interdisciplinary approach emphasizes that teachers will be implementing inclusive education within early childhood contexts where cultural and linguistic diversity of children is rapidly increasing. Teachers must be culturally competent and responsive as well as sensitive to children’s abilities and strengths.  

Table of contents

Part I      An Effective Educator


Chapter 1: Teaching All Children

Chapter 2: A Professional Educator

Chapter 3: Collaborating with Families and the Community

Chapter 4: Diversity and Inclusive Classrooms


Part II    Creating a Classroom for All Children


Chapter 5: Planning Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction to Teach All Children

Chapter 6: Creating a Positive Social and Emotional Climate

Chapter 7: Designing an Inclusive Physical Environment

Chapter 8:  Managing, Guiding, and Organizing Your Classroom


Part III   Effective Teaching in an Inclusive Classroom


Chapter 9: Identifying Effective Teaching Strategies and Practices

Chapter 10: Differentiated Instruction with Individually Appropriate Support

Chapter 11: Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Inclusive Classroom

Features & benefits
  • Theme of Collaboration and Collaboration Tips-While many are calling for collaboration to achieve inclusion, few are preparing teachers with practical methods on “how to” collaborate effectively with other teachers and professionals. Textboxes offer hints to smooth collaboration among teachers, families, and specialists.

  • Teacher Preparation Text – Teaching Strategies will be listed inside front cover. Strategies are well-organized within text into categories; Teacher educators and students will find it convenient to find teaching strategies referenced and easy to locate.

  • Textboxes with practical, strong examples throughout text-Students will benefit from practical applications of strategies in teaching situations they are likely to face in real life teaching.

  • Appeal to 4-year and 2-year market-The comprehensiveness and the coverage of research in this text will make it appealing to both 4 year and 2 year markets. Because of the practical approach with applications illustrated through textboxes examples, both markets will find the text material easy to use.

  • Theme of Diversity – Inclusion and cultural and linguistic diversity are interwoven throughout text; Teachers find classrooms are increasingly diverse. Practical information about how to teach children who vary in ability, culture, and language is very important for today’s teachers.

  • A Teacher’s Perspective Textboxes-Prospective teachers want to know how teachers in the field view their teaching responsibilities. These textboxes add to the practical value of the text.

  • Inclusive Stories Textboxes-These case studies help students learn how to use recommended strategies and practices in real world contexts.

  • Advance Organizers – graphic highlighting key elements and topics at beginning of each chapter

    & Inclusive Activities – questions to answer and activities to do-Students will have a visual to help cue them to important topics covered in each chapter. Advance organizers of this type can help motivate students and prepare them for focusing on key topics. The Inclusive Activities are an important study aid to help students meet the chapter objectives.