Economics of the Public Sector : 9780130966414

Economics of the Public Sector

Connolly, Sara & Munro, Alistair
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Pearson United Kingdom
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This comprehensive new text breaks the mould of traditional Public Sector Economics texts. It provides the student with a solid grounding in theory and focuses on how this theory can be applied to a broad range of contemporary issues, such as health and education, the monopoly regulation and privatisation, as well as taxes and incentives. This approach teaches the student to understand how the public sector interacts with the rest of the economy, why governments act in the way they do, enabling them to evaluate policies and their alternatives.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Economic Rationales for the State
  3. Equity and Efficiency
  4. Public Goods
  5. Externalities
  6. Asymmetric Information
  7. Benefit Analysis
  8. Public Choice
  9. Government Failure
  10. Taxation
  11. Tax Incidence and Efficiency
  12. Intertemporal Issues
  13. Taxes on Labour
  14. Social Insurance and the Welfare State
  15. Income Inequality
  16. Poverty
  17. Social Policy
  18. Pensions and Ageing
  19. Healthcare
  20. Education and Training
  21. Privatisation and Social Ownership
  22. Regulation and Competition Policy
  23. The Environment
  24. Federal Issues and the European Union

Features & benefits

  • Pedagogical aids: key concepts, definitions explained in margins and end of each chapter questions, summaries and guided reading.
  • Comprehensive range of topics enables lecturers to devise a course to suit their own interests.
  • Comparative perspective using data and policy ideas from a wide number of European and OECD countries.
  • Includes sections on the policies of the new Labour government, including its plans for savings, welfare to work and healthcare.