The Professional Kitchen Manager : 9780131391741

The Professional Kitchen Manager

Hayes & Miller
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For Culinary Arts courses in Cost Control, Menu Planning and Development, Purchasing, and Supervision. 


Focusing on back-of-house management, Professional Kitchen Management addresses topics such as supervision, menu planning, development and use of standard recipes,  purchasing, and cost control. Students will learn how to evaluate menus, manage inventory, train personnel and deliver food services on a budget.


An innovative format pairs concepts presented in each chapter with cleverly animated and highly interactive Kitchen Management Simulations (KMS) lessons to provide hands-on training that is fun for students and time freeing for instructors.


Reader-friendly features explain why concepts are important to daily operations and identify the skills needed to manage a high-quantity food production kitchen.


Table of contents
  • 1.      Kitchen Managers Get Ready for Food Production
  • 2.       Kitchen Managers Select and Train Production Employees
  • 3.       Kitchen Managers Lead Food Production Employees
  • 4.       Kitchen Managers Plan Their Menus
  • 5.       Kitchen Managers Design Their Menu
  • 6.       Kitchen Managers Use Standard Recipes
  • 7.       Kitchen Managers Cost Recipes and Assist Food Servers
  • 8.       Kitchen Managers Use Effective Purchasing Practices
  • 9.       Kitchen Managers Use Effective Receiving, Inventory, Management and Issuing Practices
  • 10.   Kitchen Managers Analyze Their Menus
  • 11.   Kitchen Managers Analyze Sales and Control Revenue


Features & benefits


Includes need-to-know management information for kitchen managers such as how to:

  • Plan, design and evaluate menus
  • Develop, cost, adjust, and implement standard recipes
  • Manage the purchasing, receiving, storing, and issuing of food products
  • Hire, train, and motivate personnel
  • Maintain safe and sanitary environments
  • Analyse sales to and control revenue to deliver food services on a planned budget 

Offers an innovative format that pairs traditional text with interactive Kitchen Management Simulations to provide hands-on training for each chapter topic including:

  • Menu planning
  • Purchasing
  • Recipe costing
  • Menu analysis
  • And much more! 

Includes the following reader-friendly features:

  • Chapter Ingredients outline presentsa two-level outline of major sections and the most significant concepts addressed in each section
  • Learning Objectives identify what the reader should know after completing the chapter
  • Coming Right Up Overview explains why the chapter material is important to kitchen managers
  • Overheard in the Kitchen lists key terms defined in the chapter
  • Information on the Side provides interesting anecdotal information about each chapter's topics
  • Kitchen Challenge Du Jour provides two realistic mini-cases in each chapter that can be solved using material from the chapter
  • A Pinch of the Internet activities appear at the end of major sections in each chapter
  • Completing the Plate questions appear at the end of the section in each chapter to help assess student knowledge and understanding
  • Extensive 450 term glossary gathers the jargon of the culinary management profession all in one place