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Casinos: Organization and Culture

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A special series addressing casinos and casino management.


Designed to uncover the inner workings of a casino, this five book series tackles a variety of topics–from gaming methods, to financial controls, to marketing, to organization and culture. Each book covers a topic in-depth and offers a unifying management perspective. Aspiring students and current employees will benefit from the contributions industry professionals have made to these texts. Featuring a flexible design and accompanying instructor manual, the books can be used separately or together to provide a consistent curriculum for majors, minors and certification programs.

Table of contents

 Table of Contents


Chapter 1         An Introduction to Casino Organization and Culture

Chapter 2         Organization Structure of the Facility

Chapter 3         Casino Departments and Functions

Chapter 4         The Casino Hotel

Chapter 5         Food & Beverage

Chapter 6         Meeting, Conventions and Entertainment

Chapter 7         Casino Culture

Chapter 8         Lifestyle Impact

Chapter 9         Human Resource Issues in Casino Operations

Chapter 10       Responsible Gaming and Addictive Behaviors

Chapter 11       The Casino as a Community Neighbor
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This five book series includes:

·            Gaming Methods: Games, Probabilities, and Controls

·            The History of Gaming in America: Balancing Costs and Benefits of Legalized Gaming

·            Casino Financial Controls: Tracking the Flow of Money

·            Casino Marketing: Theory and Applications

·            Casinos: Organization and Culture


The series’ flexible design makes it easy to use books separately or together.

·            Gives instructors a chance to pick and choose what topics to cover.

·            Provides curriculum for majors, minors and certificate programs.


Each book shows the inner workings of a casino from a management perspective.

·            Offers a unique approach that addresses new courses and new career opportunities.


Each book provides in-depth information on a specific topic.

·            Offers comprehensive treatment on a number of different subjects rather than a simple superficial overview.


Each book includes contributions from experts.

·            Draws on the experience of a variety of professionals in the field.


Each book is supported by an accompanying teacher’s manual.

·            Assists instructors and adds consistency to the program.