Workplace Plus 4 with Grammar Booster : 9780131928022

Workplace Plus 4 with Grammar Booster

Saslow & Collins
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Workplace Plus, an innovative four-level standards-based English course, readies adults for self-sufficiency in the three principal areas of their lives: the workplace, the community, and the home. Workplace Plus integrates the CASAS life skill competencies and SCANS Competencies and Foundation Skills with a complete language syllabus and relevant and practical social language. The new Grammar Booster provides extra practice beyond each lesson.

Workplace Plus 4, by Joan Saslow, is written for high-intermediate learners. It rapidly enables them to:

  • understand spoken and written general employment-related language.
  • communicate in their own words outside of an English class.
  • understand the culture and behavioral expectations of their new environment and workplace.

Workplace Plus is correlated to the following national standards: SCANS Competencies and Foundation Skills, CASAS Life Skill Competencies, and EFF Content Standards. All correlations are downloadable from the Workplace Plus companion website.

Table of contents

Scope and sequence


Unit 1               Your life and work


Unit 2               Your environment


Unit 3               Your equipment and machines


Unit 4               Your consumers


Unit 5               Your time


Unit 6               Your supplies and resources


Unit 7               Your relationships


Unit 8               Your health and safety


Unit 9               Your money


Unit 10             Your career




            Alphabetical word list

            Key expressions

            Commonly misspelled words

            Irregular verbs

            Non-action verbs

            Verbs followed by gerunds

            Verbs followed by infinitives

            Verbs followed by gerunds or infinitives

            Verbs followed by objects and infinitives

            How to spell the gerund and the present participle

            Internet sources for civics and consumer information

            The Bill of Rights