Microeconomics: Theory with Applications (8e) : 9780132142427

Microeconomics: Theory with Applications (8e)

Eaton, B. Curtis et al
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Pearson Canada
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For university courses in intermediate microeconomics


Economics provides people with a way to understand everyday human behaviour .  Microeconomics: Theory with Applications teaches students how to look at the world in a different way.  Using a variety of applications and lively and interesting examples, this new edition brings the theory to life. 


A Real-world emphasis is demonstrated throughout the text to reinforce the understanding of economic theory and at the same time to show how theory can be used to explore specific economic models to address specific questions.

Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Microeconomics: A Working Methodology
  • Chapter 2 A Theory of Preferences
  • Chapter 3 Demand Theory
  • Chapter 4 More Demand Theory
  • Chapter 5 Intertemporal Decision Making and Capital Values
  • Chapter 6 Production & Cost: One Variable Input
  • Chapter 7 Production & Cost: Many Variable Inputs
  • Chapter 8 The Theory of Perfect Competition
  • Chapter 9 Applications of the Competitive Model
  • Chapter 10 Monopoly
  • Chapter 11 Input Markets and the Allocation of Resources
  • Chapter 12 Labour Market Applications
  • Chapter 13 Competitive General Equilibrium
  • Chapter 14 Price Discrimination & Monopoly Practices
  • Chapter 15 Introduction to Game Theory
  • Chapter 16 Game Theory and Oligopoly
  • Chapter 17 Choice Making Under Uncertainty
  • Chapter 18 Assymmetric Information, the Rules of the Game, and Externalities
  • Chapter 19 The Theory of the Firm
  • Chapter 20 Assymetric Information and Market Behaviour
New to this edition

Increased number of Learning Objectives in each chapter


New and updated Problems or Exercises


New Application added in each chapter


New follow-up questions added to applications


Improved Philosopher’s Café boxes throughout the text making them more lively and engaging


Increased number of  “Points to Ponder” question at the end of each Philosopher’s Café box

Features & benefits

Application rich -This is a hallmark feature of Eaton and applications bring the theory to life. The 8th edition has improved the number of applications allowing the reader greater opportunity to put the theory into practice


Real-world emphasis -- Style of the text demonstrates to students how economists create and explore specific economic models to address particular questions


In-chapter problems - Encourages students to engage actively in their reading and to check their understanding at critical points with answers at the back of the book


An optimal balance of theory and applications is maintained by working from the specific to the general. Many lively and interesting examples are used as a means of developing economic theory in a careful and rigorous way


Key terms- bolded where they are defined in the text and restated in the margins


Important assumptions and results are set off by coloured rules for easy identification


Boxed Probles- enables students to test their understanding of the material


Calculus is presented in easy-to-refer-to footnotes


End-of-chapter exercises extend and reinforce concepts(the most challenging ones are marked with an asterisk (*)).




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