Heavy Duty Equipment Technology: A Systems Approach : 9780132373623

Heavy Duty Equipment Technology: A Systems Approach

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For trade school and college-level courses in Heavy Duty Equipment


A Practical Guide to Working with Heavy Equipment

Heavy Duty Equipment Technology: A Systems Approach is a comprehensive textbook that covers the latest technology in machine systems. Using common language and real work experiences that students and instructors can relate to, Heavy Duty Equipment is designed to be a primary reference tool.


In this First Edition, system operational principles and safety practices are discussed in simple terms to help students quickly grasp key concepts and gain a base level of understanding that they can build on with work experience. With a strong foundation in place, students will be well-equipped to understand system servicing as well as repair requirements and procedures.


Written from both a technician’s and a professor’s perspective, Heavy Duty Equipment is a “bumper to bumper” textbook that covers ALL systems found on heavy duty machinery.


Table of contents
  1. Heavy Duty Equipment and Safety
  2. Fasteners, Seals, Gaskets, Bearings, Personal Tools, Shop and Field Service Repair Equipment
  3. Machine Servicing
  4. Hydraulic System Fundamentals
  5. Electrical System Fundamentals
  6. Prime Movers
  7. Starting Systems
  8. Charging Systems
  9. Electronic and Multiplexing Systems
  10. Clutches, Torque Converters, Torque Dividers and Retarders
  11. Gearing Fundamentals and Manual Transmissions
  12. Powershift Transmission Systems
  13. Electric Drive Systems
  14. Drivelines, Transfer Cases, Auxiliary Drives
  15. Drive Axles, Final Drives, Power Dividers
  16. Advanced Hydraulic Systems
  17. Hydrostatic Drive Systems
  18. Heavy Duty Hydraulic Frictional Brake Systems
  19. Wheeled Machine Steering Systems
  20. Track Type Machine Steering Systems
  21. Machine Frames and Suspension Systems
  22. Wheels, Tires, Hubs and Pneumatic Systems
  23. Undercarriage Systems
  24. Operators Station
  25. Failure Analysis
Features & benefits

Heavy Duty Equipment Technology: A Systems Approach, includes the following features to help students absorb and apply their knowledge:

  • Progress Checks are provided at regular intervals throughout each chapter to test students’ comprehension of recently read content.
  • Shop Activities are suggested to help students apply new knowledge.
  • End of Chapter Summaries give students a quick recap of each chapter’s main points.
  • Web Activities provide students and instructors with further information to supplement material covered in the text.
  • Safety First Sections are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter to emphasize safe work practices and safety concerns that will help keep students safe on the job.
  • Diagnostic Procedures apply chapter foundation content to real world problems and explain troubleshooting steps.
  • Case Studies relate personal work experiences to the subject matter and demonstrate the importance of understanding the previous content.
Author biography

Scott A. Heard

Scott A. Heard graduated from the Heavy Equipment Technician Program at Fleming College in 1986 and completed his apprenticeship thereafter with the Ontario Caterpillar dealer. Heard moved into Field Service and worked for a variety of different companies gaining experience as a Field Service Technician as well as working in a limestone quarry operation. He has worked on all types and makes of heavy equipment machines and has a strong passion for all things heavy equipment related.


While looking for a new challenge he decided to try teaching at the college level and started teaching a maintenance class to heavy equipment operators. This eventually led to Heard gaining a Professor position at Centennial College in Toronto where he taught Heavy Equipment Technician Apprentices in all the different subject areas. Heard now teaches at Fleming College in Lindsay Ontario and is also the Program Coordinator for three heavy equipment related programs.


Heard was presented an opportunity to write a textbook a few years ago and decided he would put all of his years as a technician as well as his recent teaching experience towards making a high-quality reference book for students and instructors.