Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work (2e) : 9780132741057

Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work (2e)

Goodwin & Griffith
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For courses in Organisational Leadership and Supervision, Human Resources Management, Communications and Conflict Studies.


Taking a front-line view, The Conflict Survival Kit: Tools for Resolving Conflict at Work focuses on topics supervisors, team leads and managers need to know to address conflict in organisations. Each chapter succinctly explains conflict theories, frameworks and models, while focusing on important interpersonal and management skills. This classroom text and on-the-job guide presents strategies that can be used immediately in the workplace and provides hands-on practice throughout. Fully updated in this edition, it includes a new section on cultural communication differences, more on mediation,  strategies for staying calm during confrontation and a section on managing bullying in the workplace.

Table of contents
  • 1.      The Nature of Conflict
  • Part I: The Theory and Context for Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • 2.      Preventing Conflict
  • 3.      Approaches to Conflict
  • 4.      Working Toward Collaboration
  • Part II: Interpersonal Communication Skills for Resolving Conflict 
  • 5.      The Three Channels of Communication
  • 6.      Listening to Resolve Conflict and Build Lasting Relationships
  • 7.      The Communication Continua
  • Part III: Preparing to Resolve Conflicts
  • 8.      Are You Capable?
  • 9.      Opening the Doors to Conflict Resolution
  • Part IV: Application and Practice
  • 10.  The Building Blocks of Collaboration
  • 11.  Integrative Negotiation: Negotiating as Partners
  • 12.  Overcoming Barriers to Integrative Negotiation
  • 13.  Mediating Conflicts Between Parties
  • 14.  Decision-Making Choices for the Manager
  • 15.  Handling Conflicts Requiring Direct Confrontation
  • 16.  Special Situations: "Opportunistic" Employees, Workplace Violence, Terminations, and Bullying
  • 17.  Achieving Effectiveness as a Conflict Manager
New to this edition

New! Fully updated in this edition to include:

  • More on why managers and leaders need to gain conflict management skills–Chapter 1
  • A new section on understanding cultural communication differences–Chapter 5
  • A new section explaining the distinctions between mediation of workplace conflicts and mediation of more formal, legal conflicts–Chapter 14
  • Proven strategies for remaining calm and focused during direct confrontation–Chapter 15
  • A new section on managing bullying in the workplace–Chapter 16 

New! "Alternative Procedure for Online Learning Formats"–has been added to each chapter.

  • Provides suggestions for facilitating case studies and role-plays when participating in  online or hybrid classes. 

New! Additional end-of-chapter content–includes new study material, extension activities, personal growth exercises and true/false questions right in the book.

  • Gives students additional support without the purchase of a separate student guide.
Features & benefits
  • Offers a front-line view of conflict resolution by focusing on topics supervisors, team leads and managers need to know.
  • Addresses basic interpersonal communication and management skills such as rapport building, empathetic listening, behaviour modeling, reframing, problem solving and decision making
  • Features unique application and practice chapters that address specific conflict resolution situations (negotiation, mediation, group decision making, assertive confrontation) and resolution models and frameworks
  • Introduces students to important conflict management techniques such as interest-based collaborative approaches, empathetic communication and listening, the supportive confrontation model, participative management practices and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Presents strategies that can be used immediately in the work place collected in
  • Provides students with hands-on practice handling conflicts through chapter exercises, case studies and role plays.
  • Incorporates student-friendly study aids such as performance checklists, multiple choice questions, discussion questions, and additional references.
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