Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design (2e) : 9780132785778

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design (2e)

Lazear, Susan
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For college and high school courses in Fashion Design by Computer, Fashion Illustration by Computer, Computer Design, and CAD for Fashion.


This text addresses industry’s need to train fashion students to draw fashion flats and illustrations, textile designs, and presentations using the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator.


Emphasising the creative process, this text explores Illustrator’s powerful capabilities as related to drawings of clothing, fashion poses, and textile prints. It offers clear and illustrated instructions throughout, guiding students through learning all the electronic drawing techniques they will need to work successfully in fashion. In this second edition, online videos show students how to perform many key techniques step-by-step, and online examples of previous student projects inspire new students. This 2nd Edition also adds updated coverage of merchandising techniques, electronic portfolio preparation, technical drawings, tech packs, and much more.

Table of contents
  • Section One: Tour of Adobe Illustrator
  • Chapter 1: Overview of Adobe Illustrator
  • Chapter 2: Quick Start: Basic Drawing in Illustrator
  • Chapter 3: Illustrator’s Tools Panel
  • Chapter 4: Illustrator’s Menus
  • Chapter 5: lllustrator’s Panels
  • Section Two: Basic Drawing Exercises
  • Section Three: Fashion Flats Exercises
  • Section Four: Fashion Illustration Exercises
  • Section Five: Textile Design Exercises
  • Section Six: Presentation Exercises
New to this edition
New! Adds extensive new coverage and exercises–including Teck Packs, Technical Drawings, Portfolio Preparation, and more
  • Provides insight and speed techniques fashion students can benefit from regardless of the tasks they are assigned in the classroom or in the industry 

New! Online training videos of many exercises–making it easier for instructors to review key skills visually.  These premium videos are available in MyFashionKit , an online supplement available to package with the text.  See your local Pearson representative for details!

  • Gives students additional professional-quality training wherever they need it, inside and outside class

New! Sample written assignments utilizing techniques learned throughout the book–providing a framework for instructors to plan assignments throughout the semester

  • Helps students supplement hands-on learning with a deeper conceptual understanding 
New! Sample student portfolios online–demonstrating what students can achieve with Adobe Illustrator
  • Inspires students by showing what their peers have accomplished
Features & benefits

Strong foundation in fashion-related Illustrator commands and capabilities—presented in early chapters, including the Toolbox, Menus, Palettes, and more

  • Rapidly gives students all the Illustrator skills they need to perform a wide variety of real-world tasks

Step-by-step, extensively-illustrated instructions—carefully guiding students through each task, and showing what they should see at key steps

  • Makes learning Illustrator fashion drawing techniques far easier and more intuitive

Exercises designed to build skills in all areas of fashion—organized by skill for efficient learning

  • Helps students prepare for the broad array of tasks they may be called upon to perform throughout the industry

Basic drawing exercises—teaching widely-used foundational skills such as fills, strokes, drawing basics, and working with the grid and layers

  • Quickly gives students essential skills and experience they can use in all fashion applications

Fashion drawing exercises—reinforce core skills in the context of fashion, guiding students through drawing flats, developing and drawing a fashion croquis, creating a posted fashion figure from a photo, and more

  • Tightly links Illustrator skills to specific fashion applications 

Textile design exercises—showing how to work with built-in patterns, create pattern tiles, build multiple colorways for a textile print, and more

  • Prepares students to succeed with any textile application

Presentation techniques—showing how to use filters and effects to create fabric swatch templates, create a merchandise presentation using snapshots, and more

  • Prepares students to create professional, state-of-the-art fashion presentation materials

Proven pedagogical features—including clear chapter objectives, tips, margin notes, comments, and examples

  • Helps students learn more efficiently and effectively, and discover techniques and shortcuts they would otherwise have to learn through trial and error
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