Construction Project Management (4e) : 9780132877244

Construction Project Management (4e)

Gould & Joyce
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For introductory courses in construction project management in two or four-year construction management programs; for civil engineering or architectural students seeking a better understanding of the construction process; and for practitioners who want to understand recent changes in the industry.


This text addresses all facets of successful construction project management in today’s complex environments. Construction Project Management introduces all key players in the process, walks through each project phase, and presents tools for effectively managing both people and projects.


Co-authored by an academic and an industry professional, it fuses theory and practical reality, and interweaves roles of owner, designer, and construction professional throughout. It first introduces the modern industry and profession, presenting emerging trends, roles, contractual arrangements, and opportunities. Next, it focuses on the project itself, from concept to occupancy, and address the construction professional’s growing role during design and early construction. Students also master modern tools for estimating, scheduling, control, and feedback. The text provides many charts and images, as well as real-world sidebars authored by industry-leading professionals. This edition presents new technologies, techniques, statistics, trends, and career information throughout, including new approaches to collaboration, project delivery, and continuous improvement.

Table of contents
  • 1. The Construction Industry
  • 2. Project Participants
  • 3. Organizing and Leading the Construction Project
  • 4. Project Delivery Methods
  • 5. Project Chronology
  • 6. Construction Services during Design
  • 7. Bidding and Procurement
  • 8. Construction and Closeout
  • 9. Estimating Project Costs
  • 10. Project Planning and Scheduling
  • 11. Controlling Project Cost, Time, and Quality
  • 12.  Project Administration
  • 13. Construction Law
  • 14. Construction Safety and Health
New to this edition

Updated throughout to present new technologies, techniques, statistics, trends, and career information, including the latest approaches to collaboration, integrated project delivery, and continuous improvement.


Updated! Presents updated statistics throughout—including new cost information, industry sector breakdowns, and updated demographics, career choices, industry trends, and economic forecasts.


New! Covers new technologies now being introduced throughout the industry—including clear explanations of their advantages


New! Covers Bridging and its use in combination with Design Build—helping students master today’s fastest and most effective techniques for managing construction projects


New! Thoroughly covers continuous improvement—helping project leaders discover how to systematically learn and improve throughout their careers


New! Sidebar introduces the collaborative benefits of Integrated Project Delivery—presenting the key steps involved in making this delivery approach work.


New! End of chapter forum questions—supporting online discussion boards and providing opportunities for in-class debate


New! Includes lists of requirements and contents of professional exams—including exams forArchitects, Engineers and Builders

Features & benefits

Coverage of all project participants and how they collaborate—presenting an integrated view of owners, designers, architects, engineers, project managers, construction professionals, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders


Key management challenges—including specialisation, lines of authority, decision-making, organisational structure, leadership, discipline, goals, accountability, and quality management


Coverage of all industry sectors—including residential, commercial, infrastructure/heavy highway, industry, and public construction; supports students and practitioners working in any environment, on any project


Many photos and diagrams throughout—making it easier for students to understand key technologies and best-practice processes


Thorough discussion of project delivery methods—including project risk management, and the latest proven approaches to rapid delivery, integrated delivery, and lean construction


Real, challenging case studies—including Boston’s “Big Dig” Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Seabrook Station, and the Hyatt Regency walkway collapse; prepares students for the greatest challenges construction managers can face


Complete project chronology—helps students succeed throughout the entire project lifecycle, including initiation, feasibility analysis, financing, design, programming, schematic design, design development, construction, procurement, construction, turnover/startup, operation, and even facility disposal


Bidding, procurement, cost estimation, and other financial issues—addressing everything from bidder qualification and work packages to general/special conditions, bonds, insurance, and all forms of estimation, including estimation during design and construction; ensures that students fully understand the financial side of their construction projects


Project planning and scheduling, in depth—covering proven best practices for planning and scheduling throughout the project, from preconstruction to postconstruction


Project cost, time, and quality controls—showing students how to establish project control objectives, set standards, measure actuals, generate baselines, perform crashing, account for overhead, use performance models, document projects, and more


Project administration and communication—covering both formal day-to-day techniques and advanced solutions leveraging the Internet and state-of-the-art CAD tools


Construction law for the project manager—addressing the roles of government, statutes, regulations, courts, jurisdictions, contract interpretation, damages, defense, dispute resolution, and more


Construction safety and health—identifying key causes of accidents and techniques for preventing them

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