Mathematics for Business (10e) : 9780132898355

Mathematics for Business (10e)

Salzman & Miller
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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For courses in business mathematics at the freshman/sophomore levels.


Mathematics for Business provides practical coverage of the mathematical techniques students must master to succeed in business today. Covering more algebra than competing books, it looks at a range of topics such as payroll records, inflation and the time value of money, range and standard deviation and index numbers. Examples and problems relate to real world events and personal finance issues so material is relevant to students.

Table of contents
  • 1.      Problem Solving and Operations with Fractions
  • 2.      Equations and Formulas
  • 3.      Percent
  • 4.      Business Statistics
  • 5.      Banking Services
  • 6.      Payroll
  • 7.      Taxes
  • 8.      Risk Management
  • 9.      Mathematics of Buying
  • 10.  Markup
  • 11.  Markdown and Inventory Control
  • 12.  Simple Interest
  • 13.  Notes and Bank Discount
  • 14.  Compound Interest
  • 15.  Annuities and Sinking Funds
  • 16.  Business and Consumer Loans
  • 17.  Depreciation
  • 18.  Financial Statements and Ratios
  • 19.  Distribution of Profits, Stocks, and Bonds
  • Glossary
  • Index
New to this edition

This tenth edition offers more extensive coverage of algebra to address the growing trend for more rigor in the course. Over 150 new and revised examples and exercises appear in this edition.

  • New sections on Exponents and Order of Operations appears in Chapter 2.
  • New sections on Graphing Equations Using Line Graphs appears in Chapter 4.  
  • New exercises related to Income Tax Withholding and Personal Income Tax appear in Chapters 6 and 7.
  • More emphasis on the global financial crisis appears in Chapter 11 and throughout the book.
  • A new focus on Apple  Inc. (Chapter 18) offers an up-to-date illustration that appeals to students.
  • Revised Chapter 19: Distribution of Profits, Stocks, and Bonds moves material on distribution of profits and losses in a partnership and distribution of overhead online.  
  • New Appendix D: Calendar and Important Formulas places reference material within reach.
  • Over 150 revised examples and exercises keep your course current.
Features & benefits

Gives students a comprehensive view of business mathematics and statistics—by covering more challenging topics such as payroll records and quarterly returns, inflation and the time value of money, distribution of profits in a corporation, range and standard deviation, index numbers, traditional IRA's and Roth IRA's.


Covers algebra more extensively


Relates business math to real-world issues in economics and  business—using a holistic, integrated approach.  


Relates business math to one's own financial situation—using abundant personal finance examples, exercises, and explanations.


Introduces business statistics early—offering extensive practice interpreting and analyzing visual data.


Develops students' ability to read and interpret graphs—using innovative Stop and Think chapter openers.


Provides a foundation in basic math as well as business math—by including more than 360 exercises checking basic math skills.


Provides extensive support for instructors who allow students to use calculators—see scientific calculator boxed features.


Uses comprehension aids to help students learn chapter material more rapidly and completely—see Chapter Terms linked to page numbers, Quick Topic Reviews, Business Application Cases, Scientific Calculator Examples, and Cumulative Reviews.  


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