Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering eBook (8e) : 9780132901086

Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering eBook (8e)

Himmelblau,D et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering8th Edition goes far beyond traditional introductory chemical engineering topics, presenting applications that reflect the full scope of contemporary chemical, petroleum, and environmental engineering. Celebrating its fiftieth Anniversary as the field’s leading practical introduction, it has been extensively updated and reorganised to cover today’s principles and calculations more efficiently, and to present far more coverage of bioengineering, nanoengineering, and green engineering.

Offering a strong foundation of skills and knowledge for successful study and practice, it guides students through formulating and solving material and energy balance problems, as well as describing gases, liquids, and vapors. Throughout, the authors introduce efficient, consistent, student-friendly methods for solving problems, analysing data, and gaining a conceptual, application-based understanding of modern chemical engineering processes. This edition’s improvements include many new problems, examples, and homework assignments.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: What are Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering?       
  • Chapter 2: Introductory Concepts        
  • Part II: Material Balances        
  • Chapter 3: Material Balances         
  • Chapter 4: Material Balances without Reaction         
  • Chapter 5: Material Balances Involving Reactions        
  • Chapter 6: Material Balances for Multi-Unit Systems        
  • Part III: Gases, Vapors, and Liquids         
  • Chapter 7: Ideal and Real Gases        
  • Chapter 8: Multiphase Equilibrium         
  • Part IV: Energy          
  • Chapter 9: Energy Balances        
  • Chapter 10: Energy Balances: How to Account for Chemical Reaction         
  • CHAPTER 11: Humidity (Psychrometric) Charts and Their Use
  • Part V: Supplementary Material         
  • Chapter 12: Analysis Of The Degrees Of Freedom in a Steady-State Process         
  • Chapter 13: Heats of Solution and Mixing        
  • Chapter 14: The Mechanical Energy Balance         
  • Chapter 15: Liquids and Gases in Equilibrium with Solids         
  • Chapter 16: Solving Material and Energy Balances UsingProcess Simulators (Flowsheeting Codes)        
  • Chapter 17: Unsteady-State Material And Energy Balances         
  • Appendixes 
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Thoroughly covers material balances, gases, liquids, and energy balances
  • Contains new biotech and bioengineering problems throughout
  • Adds new examples and homework on nanotechnology, environmental engineering, and green engineering
  • All-new student projects chapter
  • Self-assessment tests, discussion problems, homework, and glossaries in each chapter
  • Power Points and instructor's solutions manual available for course use.
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