Elements of the Nature and Properties of Soils eBook (4e) : 9780133254600

Elements of the Nature and Properties of Soils eBook (4e)

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About the book: For introductory courses in soils. An accessible introduction to soil science fundamentals.

At the forefront of soil science for over a century, Elements of the Nature and Properties of Soils considers the role of soils as both a natural resource and an ecosystem, while highlighting interactions between soils and other components of natural and constructed ecosystems. With practical value for meeting today’s environmental challenges, the text asserts that balancing economic growth with sustainable economies requires a deep understanding of soils. The 4th edition has been abridged to focus on fundamentals, while providing new or updated discussions on topics such as soils and human health, organic farming, and soil food-web ecology.

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Table of contents
1. The Soils Around Us

2. Formation of Soils from Parent Materials

3. Soil Classification

4. Soil Architecture and Physical Properties

5. Soil Water: Characteristics and Behavior

6. Soil and the Hydrologic Cycle

7. Soil Aeration and Temperature

8. The Colloidal Fraction: Seat of Soil Chemical and Physical Activity

9. Soil Acidity, Alkalinity, Salinity, and Sodicity

10. Organisms and Ecology of the Soil

11. Soil Organic Matter

12. Nutrient Cycles and Soil Fertility

13. Practical Nutrient Management

14. Soil Erosion and Its Control

15. Soils and Chemical Pollution
New to this edition

Ecological approach with an eye on social implications

  • This edition includes up-to-date, in-depth discussion of cutting-edge topics in soil science such as soils and human health, organic farming, soil food-web ecology, soil contamination and bioremediation, nutrient management, soil health, soil ecosystem services, soil interactions with global climate change, carbon sequestration, subaqueous soils, urban and human engineered soils, and many others.

Heightened emphasis on the fundamentals of soil science

  • The new edition has been abridged significantly, from 20 to 15 chapters and from nearly 1,100 pages to about 600 pages.
  • Every chapter has been thoroughly updated with the latest advances, concepts, and applications in the discipline, ensuring student knowledge reflects the most current schools of thought.

Vignette and application boxes

  • New or improved “boxes” with compelling examples (e.g., “Dirt for Dinner”) or technical details and calculations (e.g., “Estimating CEC and Clay Mineralogy”) engage students with topics of special interest.
  • The new edition is the first to feature full-color illustrations throughout, improving the new and refined figures and illustrations to make the study of soils more efficient, engaging, and intellectually satisfying.
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