Teaching Mathematics in Diverse Classrooms for Grades 5-8 eBook : 9780133363586

Teaching Mathematics in Diverse Classrooms for Grades 5-8 eBook

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For secondary classroom teachers, special education teachers, and teachers of mathematics in inclusion classrooms


Practical help for connecting what students already know about mathematics to what they need to know—while improving learning and recall.


This guide uses an approach that emphasises the premise that effective mathematics teaching promotes understanding—and understanding provides sound bases for skill development and better retention of material. It gives teachers of mathematics a variety of lesson plans and learning activities that include: a more complete development of mathematical ideas, visuals to support mental imagery, opportunities for kinesthetic learning activities, opportunities for children to communicate their understanding of mathematics, and continual opportunities for the monitoring of student learning.


With this guide, teaching mathematics is made more effective through straightforward, easy-to-use lesson plans and learning activities that illustrate specific mathematical concepts and skills, ideas for using visuals to develop mental imagery, and ways to promote active student learning using movement and student discussion. The development of the content is user-friendly and based on a small number of easy-to-understand and easy-to-teach big ideas, and the many activities help to emphasise and reinforce the development of the mathematical content.

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Table of contents
  • 1 Instructional Activities
  • 2 Prior Student Knowledge
  • 3 Less on Design
  • 4 Computation with Whole Numbers
  • 5 Computation with Whole Numbers
  • 6 Fractions
  • 7 Decimals and percents
  • 8 Measurement
  • 9 Geometry
  • 10 Data Analysis And Probability
  • 11 Foundations of Algebra
  • 12 Effective Practice
  • Activities to Take to Your Classroom
Features & benefits

Using language that teachers use when they teach children, the book presents a user-friendly approach to teaching mathematics.


Teachers see and understand the patterns found naturally within mathematics through the authors’ development of all mathematical content based on a small number of easy-to-understand, easy-to-teach big ideas.


Student confidence in learning the principles behind mathematics is bolstered as the authors demonstrate The Basic Problem Solving Strategy of “use what students know to find out what students don’t know.”


With many activities they can easily take directly into the classroom, teachers are able to emphasise the development of mathematical content. Included are activities that focus on visual imagery, activities that involve kinesthetic movement, and activities that encourage student dialogue, all helping to develop mathematical content.


Teachers see how to begin their planning with a published lesson plan and a framework to adapt for more effective student learning.


Student development and assessment of mathematics understanding and skills is fostered through activities in every chapter.


Teachers learn to encourage their students to find relationships among the easy facts and to use mental strategies to figure out the hard facts by emphasising relationships and thinking strategies in teaching basic addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts.


Reliance on rote rules is reduced and the basis for future study of other topics in mathematics is provided. For each whole number operation, the algorithm is based on two big ideas.


Teachers are able to help students solve any whole number multiplication example with a thorough development of the whole number multiplication algorithm using partial products and the area model.

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