A Framework of International Business eBook : 9780133467826

A Framework of International Business eBook

Cavusgil,T et al
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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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About the book: For International Business courses. A concise but thorough review of essential concepts and techniques.

The Cavusgil/Knight/Riesenberger author team’s new textbook A Framework of International Business concentrates on new realities in international business, emerging markets, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Table of contents
  • Part I: Foundation Concepts 
  • Chapter 1: Introduction: What Is International Business?
  • Chapter 2: Theories of International Trade and Investment
  • Chapter 3: Organizational Participants that Make International Business 
  • Chapter 4: Culture and Ethics in International Business
  • Part II: The International Business Environment     
  • Chapter 5: Political and Legal Systems in International Business
  • Chapter 6: The International Monetary Environment and Financial Management in the Global Firm  
  • Chapter 7: Emerging Markets, Developing Economies, and Advanced Economies
  • Part III: International Business Strategy and Implementation 
  • Chapter 8: Strategy and Organization in the International Firm
  • Chapter 9: Global Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Chapter 10: Exporting and Countertrade
  • Chapter 11: Foreign Direct Investment and Collaborative Ventures
  • Chapter 12: Licensing, Franchising, and Other Contractual Strategies
  • Chapter 13: Global Sourcing
  • Chapter 14: Marketing in the Global Firm
  • Chapter 15: Human Resource Management in the Global Firm
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