Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications Plus MyMathLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (10e) : 9780133508734

Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications Plus MyMathLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (10e)

Hummelbrunner, Coombs
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The primary objective of the text is to increase the student’s knowledge and skill in the solution of practical financial and operational problems encountered in operating a business.

Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications is a teaching text using problem-identification and problem-solving

approaches. The systematic and sequential development of the material is illustrated by examples that show a step-by-step approach to solving the problem. The detailed solutions are presented in a visually clear and colourful layout that allows learners to monitor their own progress in the classroom or in independent study.

Table of contents


Student’s Reference Guide to Rounding and Special Notations


Part 1 - Mathematics Fundamentals and Business Applications

Chapter 1.      Review of Arithmetic

Chapter 2.      Review of Basic Algebra

Chapter 3.      Ratio, Proportion, and Percent

Chapter 4.      Linear Systems


Part 2 - Mathematics of Business and Management

Chapter 5.      Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis and Break-Even

Chapter 6.      Trade Discounts, Cash Discounts, Markup, and Markdown

Chapter 7.      Simple Interest

Chapter 8.      Simple Interest Applications


Part 3 - Mathematics of Finance and Investment

Chapter 9.      Compound Interest–Future Value and Present Value

Chapter 10.  Compound Interest–Further Topics

Chapter 11.  Ordinary Simple Annuities

Chapter 12.  Ordinary General Annuities

Chapter 13.  Annuities Due, Deferred Annuities, and Perpetuities

Chapter 14.  Amortization of Loans, Including Residential Mortgages

Chapter 15.  Bond Valuation and Sinking Funds

Chapter 16.  Investment Decision Applications


Appendix I: Further Review of Basic Algebra

Appendix II: Instructions and Tips for Three Preprogrammed Financial Calculator Models

Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems, Review Exercises, and Self-Tests

New to this edition

The Tenth Edition of Contemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications includes updates based on changes in current practices in Canadian finance and business and the needs of students and instructors using this book.


This edition continues to clarify the consistent approach to rounding rules. The Student’s Reference Guide to Rounding and Special Notation gives a clear explanation of the rounding conventions used throughout the text.


  • The text and solutions manual have been thoroughly technically checked for accuracy and consistency with the rounding approach.
  • Tables, charts, and further diagrams have been added to enable the learner to visualize the problems and the solutions.
  • Numerous new examples and exercises have been added.
  • Chapter 6 has been significantly revised with standardized formulas and wording, illustrated by visual approaches to solving the problems.
  • Chapter 5 has been significantly revised with emphasis on the relationships between parts of CVP. Break-even charts are integrated with theory by introducing them after explanations of revenue and cost behaviour.
  • Canadian references have been emphasized in Business Math News Boxes and Website references.
  • Interest rates reflect current investment and borrowing rates.
  • Many examples and exercises have been updated, rewritten, and expanded. To enhance the building-block approach, exercises are ordered to link the topics and the solved examples. Help references have been expanded to link selected exercises to solved examples.
Features & benefits



Each topic in each chapter is followed by practice exercises containing numerous drill questions and application problems. At the end of each chapter, Review Exercises, a Self-Test, Challenge Problems, and a Case Study integrate the material presented.

The first four chapters and Appendix I (Further Review of Basic Algebra) are intended for students with little or no background in algebra and provide an opportunity to review arithmetic and algebraic processes.

The text is based on Canadian practice, and reflects current trends using available technology—specifically the availability of preprogrammed financial calculators.



  • A new colourful and student-friendly design has been created for the book, making it more accessible and less intimidating to learners at all levels.
  • Each chapter opens with a description of a situation familiar to students to emphasize the practical applications of the material to follow.
  • A Business Math News Box is presented in every chapter. This element consists of short excerpts based on material appearing in newspapers, magazines, or Websites, followed by a set of questions. These boxes demonstrate how widespread business math applications are in the real world.
  • The Pointers and Pitfalls boxes emphasize good practices, highlight ways to avoid common errors, show how to use a financial calculator efficiently, or give hints for tackling business math situations to reduce math anxiety.