3D Printing: Build Your Own 3D Printer and Print Your Own 3D Objects VitalSource eText : 9780133553406

3D Printing: Build Your Own 3D Printer and Print Your Own 3D Objects VitalSource eText

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Table of contents
ntroduction 1

Chapter 1 The Big Question—What Is 3D Printing? 3

What Is a 3D Printer? 3

Say Hello to Plastic! 6

Solid to Liquid 8

A Different Type of Motor 10

3D Objects Require Three Axes 12

A Few Other Items 16

Chapter 2 Find Yourself a 3D Printer 17

3D Printer Options to Consider 17

Initial Cost 18

Ease of Assembly and Tech Support 23

Operating System Compatibility 24

Cost and Type of Filament 25

Resolution/Nozzle Diameter 26

Print Bed Size and Leveling 27

Do Your Homework 28

Chapter 3 Assembly Assistance for the Printrbot Simple 29

Printrbot Simple Assembly Part I 30

Early Assembly Observations 32

Midway Through Assembly Observations 38

End of Assembly Observations 43

Connecting All Wires 48

Finishing Thoughts 50

Chapter 4 Configuring the Software 53

Types of 3D Printing Software 54

Downloading the Repetier Software 55

Repetier Settings 56

Slic3r 60

Chapter 5 First Print with the Simple 65

Downloading an STL 66

Connecting the Simple to Repetier 68

Get the Hot End Up to Proper Temperature 70

Slice Your Object into Layers 71

Home the Hot End 73

Print! 77

Upgrades! 82

Chapter 6 Free 3D Modeling Software 83

Tinkercad 84

Examining Tinkercad 85

Wrapping Up Tinkercad 104

Chapter 7 Creating a 3D Model with Tinkercad 105

Hello World 105

Printing a Sketch or Simple Image 122

Chapter 8 More 3D Modeling Tools 129

123D Family of Apps 129

123D Design 133

123D Creature 135

123D Sculpt 136

123D Make 138

123D Catch 139

Having Fun 141

Chapter 9 Further Explorations 143

Go Bake Some Cookies 143

Don’t Forget the Youngest 3D Fans 146

Around the House 147

Showing Off 147

OpenSCAD 148

Chapter 10 Alternatives to the Printrbot Simple 151

Build Your Own 3D Printer 151

Consider 3D Printer Kits 154

Kickstarter and 3D Printers 156

Print-It-for-You Services 159

CNC and Laser Cutters 160

Scanning Objects 162

Chapter 11 Where Do I Go From Here? 165

CNC Machine 166

Laser Cutter 169

Plasma Cutter 171

The Workshop of the Future 172

Appendix A 3D Printer and Modeling Resources 173
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