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Physical Education Activity Handbook eBook (13e)

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The Physical Education Activity Handbook provides existing and future physical education teachers with the content knowledge and teaching techniques they need to offer their students a chance to learn a wide range of engaging activities. More than 40 activities are explained, with essential information such as equipment, rules, skills and techniques, teaching and learning strategies, and a comprehensive reference section for further expertise. Activity chapters instruct the reader in three key areas: what the activity is, how to do it, and how to teach it to others. Using this text, teachers and teachers-in-training alike will be fully prepared to offer their students a varied learning experience that is engaging, exciting, and meaningful.


The 13th Edition features the addition of rock climbing, Zumba and Pilates content, new instructive web links in the end-of-chapter material, and updated instructions and photos.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Considerations for Effective Skill Learning
  • 2. Principles of Physical Fitness
  • 3. Aerobic Dance and Zumba
  • 4. Archery
  • 5. Badminton
  • 6. Basketball
  • 7. Bowling
  • 8. Cycling
  • 9. Dance

  • 10. Field Hockey
  • 11. Football: Flag and Touch
  • 12. Golf
  • 13. Gymnastics and Tumbling
  • 14. Handball and Racquetball
  • 15. Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking
  • 16. Lacrosse
  • 17. Orienteering
  • 18. Recreational Sports
  • 19. Skating: Inline
  • 20. Soccer
  • 21. Softball
  • 22. Speedball
  • 23. Swimming, Diving, Water Exercise, and Fitness Swimming
  • 24. Team Handball
  • 25. Tennis
  • 26. Track and Field
  • 27. Volleyball
  • 28. Weight Training
  • 29. Yoga
  • 30. Lifetime Activities
Features & benefits
  • Chapter Objectives elements cue students in to the essential parts of the chapter and help focus their reading and understanding on key goals.
  • Suggested Learning Sequence suggestions help the reader learn how to present the material in a developmentally appropriate way to students.
  • Learning Hints help the reader learn the skills and techniques necessary for the activity; they are guided by tips and suggestions to help them progress more quickly.
  • Practice/Organisational Suggestions provides valuable suggestions for how to organise and lead PE students through practice drills that will hone their skills.
  • Modifications for Special Populations for each activity offer information that shows the teacher how to make the activity meaningful and fun for all students, regardless of their difficulties or special needs.
  • Each activity chapter ends with a list of terms covered in the chapter and their definitions, providing both a reference and a review for the reader.
  • Skill Assessment offers suggested testing and assessment procedures for each activity. Assessment activities can be easily modified dependent on the class and taking into account situational and age-appropriate norms.
  • Discussion Questions are found at the end of each chapter to foster classroom discussion and to test the comprehension of the chapter material.
  • A comprehensive list of further references makes it easy to find more information about the activities in each chapter.
  • An up-to-date list of websites for each activity provides students with the tools they need to delve more deeply into a particular activity.
  • A full chapter on inline skating explains equipment, safety considerations, health benefits, and techniques for instruction from the beginning skater to more advanced variations of this popular sport.
  • A chapter on hiking and camping provides practical suggestions to prepare for and lead outdoor excursions that will be both safe and fun.
  • Coverage of popular/modern dance includes a section on hip hop dance.
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