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Clinical Laboratory Mathematics eBook

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About the book:  For elementary, intermediate, and advanced clinical mathematics instruction in programs in medical/clinical laboratory science, from the associate’s level through the bachelor’s and master’s level, through the new doctorate in clinical laboratory science (“DCLS”). Also for wide audiences of pathologists, pathology residents, medical students, nurses, pharmacists, biochemists, biomedical engineers, physician assistants, and analytical chemists.

This accessible text brings together mathematical techniques that will be indispensable to every student, teacher, practitioner, and user of chemistry- or biology-related laboratory work. Responding to the concerns of both instructors and students, Clinical Laboratory Mathematics begins with a review of arithmetic and algebra. Next, it presents example-rich chapters on exponential notation and logarithms, rounding and figure significance, measurement systems, solutions and concentrations, dilutions, proportionality, graphs, rates of change, statistics, chemistry, quality control, and method evaluation. It answers frequently asked questions, identifies common misunderstandings, and offers an optional advanced section online. Throughout, the author explains why a solid understanding of math is critical in today's high-technology clinical laboratories. Practice problems are strategically designed to present real-world scenarios with both context and consequence.

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Table of contents
  • 1. Arithmetic and Algebra
  • 2. Exponential Notation and Logarithms
  • 3. Rounding and the Significance of Figures
  • 4. Systems of Measurement
  • 5. Solutions and Concentrations
  • 6. Dilutions
  • 7. Proportionality, Graphs, and Rates of Change
  • 8. Statistics
  • 9. Chemistry
  • 10. Hematology
  • 11. Quality Control
  • 12. Method Evaluation
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Common Misunderstandings
Features & benefits


Ensures that students have a firm foundation in arithmetic and algebra. Starts with a review of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra, and ratios, and offers strategies for speeding up calculations without relying on calculators or computers.


Tightly links theory with practice in the high-technology settings of today's clinical laboratories. Presents many “Contextual Problems” requiring students to confront scenarios that have both context and consequence, and requiring them to reflect on issues they may face on the job.


Focuses on the real-world use of mathematics in the laboratory. Teaches through real-world examples that illustrate or develop principles, and are directly meaningful to the student. Examples range from understanding the physiological significance of KM to effectively using the chi-square test for statistical significance.


Illuminates many reasons that mathematical insight is so valuable in the laboratory. Repeatedly highlights opportunities to use math to handle unfamiliar problems; to follow the reasoning in seminars, papers, and discussions; to detect crucial errors made by colleagues or others; to recognise instrument malfunctions or method anomalies; to adapt new methods, ideas, and technologies; and to shift smoothly into research.


Gives students alternative approaches to solving the same problem. Presents multiple problem-solving approaches to increase the likelihood that students will find a method that "makes sense."


Helps students overcome the limitations of mathematical techniques in certain applications. Provides caveats, workarounds, and guidelines for overcoming difficulties in various situations.


Answers students' most frequently asked questions and anticipates their most common misunderstandings. Includes an FAQ section, as well as an appendix clarifying oversights that frequently deceive students, and even some practitioners.


Designed to serve a wide variety of health care professionals, both in the laboratory and beyond. Will function well as a supplemental text or reference for nursing students, pathology residents, researchers, and advanced, specialized, or interdisciplinary students, especially those pursuing doctoral degrees in health sciences.


Provides extensive straightforward practice. Contains multiple practice problems in every chapter.

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