Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On Demand Service Delivery : 9780133847505

Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On Demand Service Delivery

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Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban have jumped the chasm and become widely accepted throughout the IT industry. Sometimes, they are even mandated. However, these methodologies are mute on how to run and manage functioning software. The DevOps movement arose in response to this omission, but it has offered IT managers insufficient actionable guidance for their day-to-day challenges. In Lean DevOps, Robert Benefield fills this crucial gap, offering a practical, complete, and proven approach to driving value from DevOps.

Moving beyond tools and hype, Benefield draws on decades of in-the-trenches experience building and leading IT teams in organizations of all types and sizes, from startups to giant multinationals, including the first software-as-a-service providers, leading investment banks, and highly regulated telecom and energy utilities. Benefield shows how to use agile and lean manufacturing techniques within a DevOps context to dramatically improve business speed and quality, and gain crucial insights for outmaneuvering your competition. Using real-world examples, he shows how to:

  • Successfully establish DevOps throughout your organization
  • Improve the speed and quality of IT services
  • Strengthen IT teams' transparency and effectiveness by using visual management techniques
  • More effectively manage unplanned work and work in progress
  • Integrate IT run practices with Agile and Kanban software practices
  • Deepen understanding and engagement between IT and customers
  • Leverage continuous improvement techniques throughout IT, and more

Since DevOps was first conceived, it has promised powerful competitive advantage. Whatever your role in delivering IT services or support, Lean DevOps will help you transform that promise into reality.

Table of contents
1. Understand the Customer
2. Understand Constraints
3. Understand the Lifecycle: Walking the Gemba
4. Engagement and Compliance