Agile IT Organization Design: For Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery : 9780133903355

Agile IT Organization Design: For Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery

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Aspiring digital businesses need overall IT agility, not just development team agility. In Agile IT Organization Design, IT management consultant and ThoughtWorks veteran Sriram Narayan shows how to infuse agility throughout your organisation. Drawing on more than fifteen years’ experience working with enterprise clients in IT-intensive industries, he introduces an agile approach to “Business–IT Effectiveness” that is as practical as it is valuable.

The author shows how structural, political, operational, and cultural facets of organisation design influence overall IT agility—and how you can promote better collaboration across diverse functions, from sales and marketing to product development, and engineering to IT operations. Through real examples, he helps you evaluate and improve organisation designs that enhance autonomy, mastery, and purpose: the key ingredients for a highly motivated workforce.

You’ll find “close range” coverage of team design, accountability, alignment, project finance, tooling, metrics, organisational norms, communication, and culture. For each, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of where your organisation stands, and clear direction for making improvements. Ready to optimise the performance of your IT organisation or digital business? Here are practical solutions for the long term, and for right now.
  • Govern for value over predictability
  • Organise for responsiveness, not lowest cost
  • Clarify accountability for outcomes and for decisions along the way
  • Strengthen the alignment of autonomous teams
  • Move beyond project teams to capability teams
  • Break down tool-induced silos
  • Choose financial practices that are free of harmful side effects
  • Create and retain great teams despite today’s “talent crunch”
  • Reform metrics to promote (not prevent) agility
  • Evolve culture through improvements to structure, practices, and leadership—and careful, deliberate interventions
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Context
  • Chapter 2: The Agile Credo
  • Chapter 3: Key Themes
  • Chapter 4: Superstructure
  • Chapter 5: Team Design
  • Chapter 6: Accountability
  • Chapter 7: Alignment
  • Chapter 8: Projects
  • Chapter 9: Finance
  • Chapter 10: Staffing
  • Chapter 11: Tooling
  • Chapter 12: Metrics
  • Chapter 13: Norms
  • Chapter 14: Communications
  • Chapter 15: The Office
  • Chapter 16: Wrap-up
  • Bibliography
  • Index
Features & benefits
  • Proven techniques for improving effectiveness and agility in software organizations of all sizes
  • Better ways to identify and propagate healthy, productive organizational norms
  • Practical advice on tooling, communications, knowledge management, team composition, and performance reviews
  • From ThoughtWorks, one of the world's leading agile software organizations
Author biography

Sriram Narayan, an IT management consultant with ThoughtWorks, has provided IT agility guidance to clients in telecom, financial services, energy, retail, and Internet businesses. He has also served as a leadership coach and a director of innovation. He was a founding member of the ThoughtWorks technology advisory board–the group that now authors Technology Radar. During a two-year stint at the products division of ThoughtWorks, he helped with product innovation and advocacy on Go–a tool that helps with continuous delivery. He has also worn the hats of a developer, open-source contributor, manager, product owner, tester, SOA architect, trainer, and Agile coach. An occasional blogger and speaker at conferences, his writings, talks, and contact information are available from The opinions in this book are his own.

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