Cocoa Programming for OS X: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (5e) : 9780134076959

Cocoa Programming for OS X: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (5e)

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Pearson Higher Ed USA
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Covering the bulk of what you need to know to develop full-featured applications for OS X, this edition is updated for OS X Yosemite (10.10), Xcode 6, and Swift. Written in an engaging tutorial style and class-tested for clarity and accuracy, it is an invaluable resource for any Mac programmer. The authors introduce the two most commonly used Mac developer tools: Xcode and Instruments. They also cover the Swift language, basic application architecture, and the major design patterns of Cocoa. Examples are illustrated with exemplary code, written in the idioms of the Cocoa community, to show you how Mac programs should be written.

After reading this book, you will know enough to understand and utilize Apple’s online documentation for your own unique needs. And you will know enough to write your own stylish code.

Table of contents
  1. Cocoa: What Is It?
  2. Let's Get Started
  3. Swift
  4. Memory Management
  5. Target/Action
  6. Helper Objects
  7. NSWindowController, NSViewController, XIBs, and MVC
  8. Key-Value Coding/Key-Value Observing
  9. NSArrayController
  10. NSUndoManager
  11. Archiving an Protocols
  12. Basic Core Data
  13. NSWindowController
  14. User Defaults
  15. Using Notifications
  16. Using Alert Panels
  17. Localization
  18. Custom Views
  19. Images and Mouse Events
  20. Keyboard Events
  21. Drawing Text with Attributes
  22. Pasteboards and Nil-Targeted Actions
  23. Categories
  24. Drag-and-Drop
  25. NSTimer
  26. Sheets
  27. Creating NSFormatters
  28. Printing
  29. Web Services
  30. Closures
  31. More Core Data
  32. Storyboards
  33. Collection Views
  34. Core Animation
  35. Concurrency
  36. Unit Testing
  37. Cocoa and OpenGL
  38. NSTask
  39. Distributing Your App
New to this edition
-OS/X Yosemite (10.10)
-Swift programming language
-Xcode 6
Author biography
Aaron Hillegass, a former employee at NeXT and Apple, has nearly two decades experience programming and teaching Objective-C, Cocoa, and, more recently, iOS. Aaron is co-author of Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide and iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. In 2001, Aaron founded Big Nerd Ranch and began developing intensive courses that teach programming in a focused, distraction-free environment. Big Nerd Ranch now offers courses around the world as well as consulting and software development.

Adam Preble learned Cocoa programming from the first edition of this book and after ten years in the software industry, joined Big Nerd Ranch to write Mac and iOS software as a consultant. He presently leads engineering at Big Nerd Ranch and steals away time for Cocoa programming and for teaching the Cocoa bootcamp course, on which this book is based.

Nate Chandler is an instructor and senior software engineer at Big Nerd Ranch, where he helps maintain the Cocoa bootcamp course materials. Nate studied mathematics at the New College of Florida and applies the logical rigor he learned in that arena to his programming. An avid C++ enthusiast, Nate reads draft feature proposals for the standard as often as he can.