Practicing the Art of Leadership: A Problem-Based Approach to Implementing the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders eBook (5e) : 9780134078663

Practicing the Art of Leadership: A Problem-Based Approach to Implementing the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders eBook (5e)

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For courses in Introduction to Educational Administration and Leadership, Principalship, and Educational Leadership.


What today’s educational leaders need to knowwhat they should be able to do, and how they should behave in order to lead schools that address the needs of all students.


This resource presents success-proven practices, processes, and procedures grounded in time-tested theories, current research, and the creative, innovative, real-life experiences of educators in the field who are transforming underperforming schools into thriving educational learning communities. An invaluable guide to what today’s educators need to know, how they need to do it, and the ways they should behave as exemplary leaders, the book takes into account the many changes in the standards, competencies, and accountability movements that have ushered in a new set of demands, requirements, and expectations for today’s educational leaders.


Complete coverage of the new topics, methods, and techniques effective educational leaders are using to address these changes appear throughout the text and are aligned with the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, formerly known as ISLLC Standards.


This new edition features opportunities for reflective practice through the use of scenarios depicting actual school issues, occurrences, and the behavior of practicing school leaders to help readers acquire knowledge and skills that can be used to build a solid framework for their own practice. The book’s focus on how to use the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders helps educators develop teacher capacity, create professional learning communities, effectively manage organisational resources, construct appropriate organisational policies and systems, lead instructional change, and engage in other deep and meaningful work outside of the classroom and in the community.

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Table of contents
  • Chapter 1 Standards, Competencies, and Accountability Measures
  • Chapter 2 Establishing a Framework for Leadership
  • Chapter 3 Theories and Approaches to School Leadership
  • Chapter 4 Organizational Influences on Leadership
  • Chapter 5 Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness Through Communication
  • Chapter 6 Decision Making: Quality and Acceptance
  • Chapter 7 Managing Conflict in Today’s Schools
  • Chapter 8 Instructional Leadership and Change
Features & benefits
  • NEW! The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, formerly known as ISLLC Standards, are included in this edition, adding a new child-centred focus to the text, with an emphasis on leadership for teaching and learning and student achievement.
    • The new standards are supported by a solid research base and aligned with the new School Leaders Licensure Assessment.
    • The standards are presented in Chapter 1 and specific standards serve as reflective focal points for the content of each of the other chapters.
    • New figures and tables reflecting the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders have been added to each chapter, providing a deeper understanding of the standards and how they might be applied in leadership situations.
  • Real-life scenarios incorporate the leadership behaviors informed by the standards in a problem-based approach that helps leaders develop the skills and attributes they need to use the practices effectively.
    • Shows theory in practice. The theories and processes necessary to succeed today’s schools are presented, including approaches to connecting the theories to practice for resolving problems.
  • NEW! The latest research on leadership theories and their applications is presented in rewritten Chapters 2 and 3, adding depth to the study of leader behaviors, skills, and attributes.
    • This addition allows for an expanded use of the text relative to instructional leadership and student achievement.
  • Illustrates the processes and procedures used by effective school leaders to meet challenging school situations by presenting both historical and contemporary theories.
  • Includes learning aids designed to help readers envision how to apply the principles of each chapter, including:
    • Introductory sections.
    • New Learning Outcomes aligned with major headings.
    • End-of-chapter pedagogical features with opportunities for further personal study, ideas for research projects, topics for in-class discussions, and more.
    • Reflective Questions accompanying scenarios to focus on key issues.
    • Addressing the Critical Issues features that pose, discuss, and suggest solutions to each scenario’s problem.
    • NEW! Problem of Practice additions in the end-of-chapter activities that place chapter concepts in practical school situations give readers the opportunity to self assess what they’ve learned in each chapter.
  • Ideal as a practice tool for SLLA, the book gives students the opportunity to experience activities similar to those appearing on the assessment.


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